American Red Cross Clothing Donations–Make a Difference to Those in Need

Red cross donations

Are you one of the 70% of Americans that donate to charitable causes every year? If so, you know how good it feels to provide support to those in need. In fact, 63% of individuals with a high net worth have said that their primary motivation for donating to charitable organizations is to give back to their community.

While your motivation for making clothing and other types of donations, including monetary, may be to give back to your community, your donation is also tax deductible and based on the value of the items you donated.

When you make American Red Cross clothing donations, you are helping this organization fund programs that provide services for disaster victims as well as others in need. Were you aware that the American Red Cross is available 365 days of the year and on a 24-hour basis? In addition to providing clothing, they also provide blankets, food, shelter, and blood.

When you make American Red Cross donations of used clothing, you are also supporting the environment by recycling. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that each person in the United States discards roughly ten pounds of clothes every year. When these clothes are donated to the American Red Cross instead of being discarded, it can make a huge impact on the environment as well as for people in need.

In 2015, local and national charitable programs received over $2.5 million as a result of items donated to and sold by thrift stores. One of the organizations that assists in this process is GreenDrop. On a weekly basis, GreenDrop collects 100 tons of donations. They have around 30 locations, including mobile trailers, to accomplish this task. These items are collected on behalf of the American Red Cross, Military Order of the Purple Heart, National Federation of the Blind, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

It’s easy to make a difference in the lives of others by supporting charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross. When you make American Red Cross clothing donations, you know that these items will raise funds so that the Red Cross can continue its valued–and valuable–efforts.

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