Buying a Custom Amish Gazebo

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Buying a custom Amish gazebo requires some planning and consideration in terms of finding the space in your yard. In general, you must determine how much space you will need for seating, specifically if you plan to entertain guests. Most Amish furniture, whether it be a custom Amish gazebo, an Amish-built shed, or even a pool house, is 100 percent handcrafted.

For the most part, any furniture or equipment that is handcrafted will take considerable time, energy, and care to construct. On average, it can take up to eight weeks to build quality sheds, custom pergolas, Amish barns, or any other custom Amish furniture. Therefore, it can take several weeks to build and deliver your custom Amish gazebo if you order from a retailer in person. If you decide to order your handmade furniture online, then expect it to take 12 to 16 weeks for it to arrive at your home.

Custom-made Amish furniture first became popular several decades ago — nearly 100 years to be exact. Buyers first started noticing Amish furniture during the 1920s, during the age of early American folk art. Also, furniture dealers and historians discovered the beauty and quality of the furniture, as well as its value.

Plenty of sturdy wooden materials keep a custom Amish gazebo and other similar pieces lasting for years to come. Most Amish gazebos, buildings, and other furniture are made from cherry, oak, or hickory wood. Other materials used include maple and walnut wood.

The average life span of handmade Amish furniture varies, depending on the piece. According to a survey taken of more than 2,000 consumers, around 95 percent not only wanted furniture to match their personality, but they also expected their custom Amish furniture to last for quite a long time. Other survey respondents, slightly over 92 percent, planned to keep their wooden furniture for up to 15 years before upgrading or replacing it. Those surveyed may not be disappointed when it comes to maintaining the quality of a custom Amish gazebo or other related furniture. For instance, a wooden shed, gazebo, or a similar structure can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years before any repairs or replacement would be needed.

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