Getting the Most Out of Custom Made Rabbit Cages

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If your home is your castle, then it’s not too hard to imagine what custom made rabbit cages are for pet rabbits ? they’re a pretty big deal. Often considered more of a farm animal meant to be kept outside, domesticated rabbits also make excellent house pets.

Like their wild cousins, domesticated rabbit breeds are incredibly clean, friendly, intelligent, and engaging. For these reasons and many more, domesticated rabbit pet ownership is on the rise. But in order to provide the quality of life a pet rabbit ? or any animal for that matter ? deserves, it’s important to consider housing arrangements. This is especially true for small prey animals, such as rabbits.

Although they may be domesticated, pet rabbit breeds still have strong instincts that urge them to duck and hide. Like other small prey animals, they feel most comfortable in sheltered, quiet areas away from open spaces. Many standard rabbit cages sold pet stores are not designed with this in mind, and instead look more like open dog kennel houses. However with indoor custom rabbit hutches, you have the freedom to design a cage suited to your pet’s unique personality and needs.

Some things to keep in mind

With custom made rabbit cages, it’s important to keep your pet rabbit’s personality in mind when working to create a design. Some rabbits are more social than others, and may required less covered space. It’s also important to consider their litter habits. Rabbits are incredibly easy to litter train, as they naturally prefer to do their business in one spot. Training them to feel comfortable enough to use the litter area in their cage can be extremely helpful for both pet and owner. For bedding, always use recycle cardboard shreds and not cedar flakes or cat litter, as these are extremely irritating to a rabbit’s sinuses.

In addition to the litter area, rabbit owners should also pay special attention to size when designing custom made rabbit cages. Rabbits need plenty of room to play and run and being confined to small cage may cause the rabbit stress or frustration. Rabbit hutch run combos allow pet rabbits the space they need to remain active and engaged.

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