Give Back to the Community with Your Kids

American red cross clothing donations

Volunteering is important for you and your family. It keeps you more engaged within your community, and betters the world we live in. Becoming more involved in your local area helps you keep abreast of the concrete, local issues effecting your neighborhoods. Volunteering in any way you can helps makes the world a better place. Even small acts help. A great deal of people are blessed with a good home through hard work, but there are many who are not as fortunate.

Take a moment to think about the first time you remember volunteering. Chances are you were helping your mom or dad with a project. Parents set the stage for childhood development, what is normal for kids will become routine and regular for children once they?re adults. Help your children grow into beneficial members of society, and start volunteering with them when they?re younger.

Volunteering with your kids can be fun. It can be a different way to create new family memories. It will also help your kids in the future. If your family can crate a habit of volunteering, it may turn into real-world experience that can be used on job and college applications. It also helps you create new connections which can be helpful down the line.

There are many ways to volunteer with your kids. Many will contribute monetary donations. Helping your kids have a donations drive, could be a project for a younger teen. Around 3% of income in the United States is donated yearly. Kids could also do work to raise funds that then go to charity, or find sponsors for each mile of a race they run.

Although over 70% of Americans will give to charity every year, you can also help non profits in other ways. Volunteering your time at a local organization can be a major help. Homeless shelters, children?s hospitals, Red Cross pickup centers, and food banks are almost always in need of extra hands. Religious organizations or volunteering databases are often good places to start for those looking to lend a helping hand. It may be possible to add your family to a weekly or monthly rotation. Once it?s part of a routine, you might find it an easier way to help. If Thursday night is always help clean the community center, you?ll have a set schedule for you and your kids.

But if your family isn?t in a position to commit to a weekly schedule, consider collecting donations. What you give to charity will be tax deductible based on the value of the items you donate. Gather items from family members, or make adding stuff to the used clothing donation box part of your spring cleaning ritual. When family move away from college, or move back home, there are often lots of extra bits and pieces that can be resold at a donation center.

All ages can help gather donations. Younger kids can help pack boxes. Older children can take the initiative and ask others, or even organize clothing donations drives. They can also be responsible for sorting through clothes donations to be thrown away, recycled, or donated. You can always donate clothes children have outgrown as well. If you give away clothing it can be a great way to help others on your own schedule. The profits from donations go to help charities in the community. Some organizations like the Red Cross pickup boxes of clothes so you don?t have to drive to a dropoff location. The Red Cross pickup make it easier to give back. Even small ways of helping out make it more normal for your kids to help in the future.

Volunteer maybe weekly with your kids at a shelter or center to help the less fortunate in your community. Especially if you?ve just moved a new area, volunteering can help your family build a sense of place as well as better your area.

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. What?s important if that you find something that you can do, and make it a part of your life. It?s easy to start with something small, like dropping used clothing donations off at a Red Cross pickup location, and gradually incorporate bigger events.

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