Make Meal Time Fun for Your Picky Toddler

Toddlers picky eaters

If you’re dealing with the terrible twos and your toddler has become a picky eater, there are so many healthy foods available. Furthermore, you can also make meal and snack time fun with an assortment of colorful and nutritious foods.

When it comes time to choose healthy foods for picky kids, it’s important to consider what they already like. Do they have a favorite food like spaghetti? If so, do they ever pick out any of the ingredients or do they eat it all up and ask for more?

If they love your spaghetti and don’t want to eat the side of carrots or zucchini, have you considered dicing up those colorful, nutritious vegetables and adding them into the sauce? Your picky toddler may not even notice, and then you know they’re receiving the nutritional benefits of those vegetables. Another benefit of this strategy is that you don’t need to keep insisting they eat all of their vegetables before having a piece of fruit.

When you’re looking for healthy food for picky toddlers at snack time, many toddlers love having a choice. You can make a fun arrangement of peeled banana and apple slices, then top if off with raisins. If you want to have a protein-rich snack, and your toddler has most or all of their teeth in, peanut butter or cream cheese on celery or crackers can be a fun and nutritious snack as well. Some toddlers may be allergic to nuts, though, so be sure to check with your pediatrician to make sure that your toddler isn’t.

Your child’s pediatrician may also be a huge help when you’re looking for healthy food for picky toddlers. Discuss your concerns with him or her, so that they can offer suggestions and otherwise assure you that your toddler is healthy. Furthermore, they will usually recommend daily vitamin supplements.

Remember, too, that the terrible twos really don’t last all that long. Your toddler will probably only be this picky for a short time while their tastebuds develop and they learn to eat “big boy” and “big girl” meals.

So, the next time you’re faced with your toddler’s picky-eating habits, just remember to take a few deep breaths, let them out slowly, and then smile. Creating a relaxing mealtime environment is important for toddlers as well as their parents.

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