Three of the Biggest Nanny Hiring Mistakes Out There

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If you’ve fallen victim to any of the three biggest nanny hiring mistakes, consider yourself lucky. Knowing what to look for in a good nanny or live in caregiver is very important. The right nanny could stay with your family for years. If you want to make sure that those years are good for you and your children, you should make sure that you screen any potential candidates properly.

The three biggest nanny hiring mistakes that that people can make could not only leave them with less money in their wallets, but with a negative impact on their children. As a parent, you’ll no doubt want to avoid that kind of fate at all costs.

  1. Ask for References – The first thing that people fail to do when trying to find a nanny is to ask for references. Anyone can embellish their resume, but you really have to earn a glowing recommendation from someone you once worked for. Hearing from a few references could lead you to the best nanny possible, or help you to dodge a bullet. If you fail to ask however, you’ll never be certain!
  2. Ask about Training – One of the top benefits of hiring a nanny ideally is that there will always be someone on hand to take care of your children, especially if something goes wrong. If you fail to ask about any CPR or other similar forms of training, you could wind up with someone that may not know what to do should the unthinkable ever occur.
  3. Ask about Values – Do you want someone around your children that doesn’t share all of your most deeply held beliefs? Probably not, and no one would blame you. If you don’t remember to ask about the beliefs and values of your nanny, you could find yourself with some big regrets down the line.

Each of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes can be avoided. All you as the interviewer need to do is to remember not to rush. With a good nanny in your corner, you’l be able to make sure that your children are always properly cared for. That above all else should easily be worth the extra time it’ll take to be more thorough during the interviews with a potential new nanny. References:

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