Top Private Schools Provide More Opportunities for Your Child to Succeed Academically

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Whether your children are ready for preschool or kindergarten, you are most likely looking for top private schools in your area. If you have middle school or high-school-aged children, you may also be searching for a preparatory academy to ensure that they receive the best possible education and are prepared to apply for college.

If you live in a large city, you may be interested to learn that private schools tend to have 1.5 times the enrollment of the local public schools. This is because there are quite a few advantages for students that attend private school programs. In addition to athletics and honors programs, private schools tend to have excellent school libraries.

Since private schools have smaller campuses and class sizes, 86% will have less than 300 students enrolled at a time. When it comes to private high schools, for example, they tend to be half the size of their public counterparts. This is beneficial, as you know, because students have a better chance of creating friendships with their peers, teachers, and administrative staff. Furthermore, there tend to be fewer distractions than at a typical American public high school.

Students are able to receive more individualized attention at private schools. Since the average student-to-teacher ratio is 12.5:1 at private schools as opposed to 15.4:1 or more at public schools, there are more opportunities available for enriching academic experiences. When students are in smaller classes, for example, it tends to be easier and more comfortable for many students to pose questions and engage in meaningful discussions.

Some parents may prefer having their children enrolled in co-educational private schools. During the 2011 to 2012 school year, for instance, 96% of all private schools in the United States were co-educational. The private schools that enrolled either all-girls or all-boys comprised 2% each.

It’s important to note that a recent survey showed 80% of the parents whose children were enrolled in private schools were happy with the level of academics. The national average SAT scores are also higher at private than public schools.

The average public school SAT scores:

  • Reading: 497
  • Math: 514
  • Writing: 489
  • The average private school SAT scores:

    • Reading: 541
    • Math: 579
    • Writing: 550

    In part because of these higher scores, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that 88% of private school students will choose to apply to a 4-year college. This is in contrast to public high school students, where just 57% may apply to a similar institution.

    There are, of course, other benefits to your children attending top private schools. If they have already attended public school, you will likely notice the significant differences as soon as they begin their first semester. Furthermore, top private schools both expect and encourage parents to be more involved.

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