What Types of Custom Sheds are Available?

Amish sheds

There is nearly nothing that adds more value to an outdoor space than a shed. No matter the size of a yard, there is likely a shed to accommodate it. Some people aren’t aware of the vast options there are for custom sheds. You can customize your shed until you have a final product that you are satisfied with. All Amish made sheds are entirely made by hand. In this post, you will learn more about the types of custom sheds available.

  • Traditional Sheds: Sometimes, you want the simplicity that comes with a traditional Amish shed. These sheds offer a more economical option for potential shed buyers. Traditional sheds will feature windows that are 18 x 27 inches. These sheds will typically have various shed lines available. Shed lines are protective linings that help to increase the longevity of a shed. It will only take about eight weeks for a new Amish shed to be built.
  • New England Series: These sheds will feature larger overhangs, designed to add an extra element of visual appeal. New England sheds are made to run larger than most traditional sheds. If you need larger windows are different door options, a New England shed is a wise choice. In addition, you can choose the color of trim, door, and shingle options when purchasing a customized New England shed.
  • Heritage Options: A potential shed buyer might want something that invokes an older time in history. Heritage sheds are made to give a customer that old country look. More rustic woods are usually made to give Heritage sheds their old time look. Pine wood is a popular option to give sheds an older and more worn in look to them. If you want your shed to look more outdoorsy, cedar wood is a great choice.
  • In closing, there are many types of custom made sheds you can choose from. Traditional series sheds are for those looking for something simple and economical. The New England series of sheds is made of larger windows and taller walls, perfect for those in need of more space. A Heritage series shed is great for those who want a more classic shed for their property. Wooden sheds are shown to last from 15-20 years. No matter which type of shed you choose, you are likely to love your new custom shed.

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