Your Mailbox Won’t Be The Only Thing To Turn Heads Anymore

Garden design

You might think that most people who enjoy gardening are women. But did you know that garden centers have to cater to both sexes because just slightly half of all gardeners are women? Yeah! Looks like there are more men that are interested in plants and shrubs than you thought.

Gardening is a very popular form of spending time for many different reasons. A lot of people who visit garden centers to look at trees and shrubs might not say they have a green thumb but that they see gardening as more of a relaxing experience. Having a chance to visit a plant nursery can give gardeners a chance to pick out the plants that will make their gardens look beautiful. There are gardening centers all over the place which might explain why the entire industry of gardening was worth almost 187 billion dollars in 2011.

Even though people who visit garden centers contributed to the massive amount of money that garden design brings out, the industry is actually still growing. In the next four or five years, the entire gardening industry profits are expected to increase at a yearly rate of 3.5 percent per year. This means that around the yeah 2016 garden centers are going to contribute to an industry that has brought in almost 220 billion dollars.

What is so great about having an outdoor home garden is having the ability to grow your own vegetables. Depending on where you live in the country, this might only be possible during certain months of the year. Most veggies are seasonal but it still makes cooking that much more satisfying when you know that you grew your own vegetables. You do not have to think about where the veggies came from and whose hands they touched before yours. You are the only one that touched them from beginning to end! By visiting garden centers you can pick out the seeds that you will need and BOOM! You can brag to your neighbors about something besides how awesome your mailbox looks.

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