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Are you looking for your perfect home? There are homebuilders eagerly waiting for you look their way, but heavily consider what you are looking for in your perfect home quest. A production home builder is a less expensive route of purchase for many. A production home builder simultaneously develops the land and pre-selected floor designs, creating the perfect neighborhood community. Buying a house for a first-time home builder is an exciting time in every person?s or couple?s life. Knowing this, a production home builder offers potential homeowners less expensive home designs as their choices.


A plan specific home builder has a library of pre-made home designs for you to choose from within your desired neighborhood. One advantage of working with a plan specific home builder is the option of new appliances in these homes. These new appliances are available at a less expensive price. Of homeowners willing to pay for new appliances, 69% state they are willing to pay more for new kitchen appliances. Another popular and widely chosen kitchen addition in these homes is that of an island. When choosing the kitchen island addition, keep in mind the square footage of your kitchen and the necessary size of a standard island, which is at least 4 feet long and 2 feet deep but must also be able to accommodate people moving and working around the island. Another area homeowners are willing to pay more for is central air conditioning, close to 7 in 10 homeowners said this was an upgrade they would purchase for their home.

There are many advantages to working with a plan specific homebuilder. Because these homebuilders buy their land and building materials in bulk, they return those savings to you as a new home purchaser. They simultaneously build and develop a neighborhood community. With this saving power by the builder, they can build the same size homes as a custom builder for less money. When you decide to work with a plan specific homebuilder, you can trust their experience because they have built these specific floorplans repeatedly making your experience a less nerve-wracking one.

When you purchase a preselected floor plan as your home, you can personalize it through upgrades and different decorating options. With the help of a design center, homeowners can select flooring, paint, tile, appliances, cabinets, and lighting among many different personalization options. Making the decision to build a plan specific home allows you more opportunities to personalize your home and make it one you look forward to owning.

As you make your decision, keep in mind the cost savings, opportunities for home personalization, and the knowledge that your plan specific homebuilder has experience creating these neighborhood communities.

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