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Discount Furniture

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Decorating Ideas

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The Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service From Same-Day Appointments to Scheduling Spring Cleaning

Maid service st. petersburg fl

When was the last time your house or apartment received a thorough cleaning? If you have carpet throughout your home, has it been cleaned recently? And how long have you slept beneath the same set of sheets? Since there’s a good chance you’ve been too busy with work and social obligations to stay on top of your household chores, have you considered the benefits of hiring a maid?

A recent survey showed that 84% of people in the United States believe that clean carpets are integral to having a clean home. The Environmental Protection Agency agrees with this. Nevertheless, they indicate that just 55% of homeowners clean their carpets every six months or more often. Given this recommendation from the Environmental Protection Agency, it may not come as a surprise that 22% of Americans believe th


What to Look for in a Day School

Best day schools

If you are going to pay the cost of a private school, you want to make sure your child is getting the best education. Just because a school is privately funded does not mean that it offers the best educational opportunities in the area. This guide, however, will help you know what to look for in a day school.

A school with high ratings

Ratings speak a lot about the school. Ratings give you information about test scores, college acceptance rates, and social and emotional learning results. Pay attention to both ratings and reviews to learn about a possible day school. Pay attention to what current parents and students are saying. What do they think of the academic curriculum? What about the quality of the teachers? Do students enjoy the after school opportunities? If you are going to spend


Three Trends in Relocating

Storage facilities

Moving is one of those things that is terrifying, frustrating, and exciting. Nearly everyone in America will move at some point. Maybe the move is only down the street or maybe the move is across the country. There are many reasons people move. New job or current job relocation, college, moving in with a significant other, moving out after a relationship fails, or a change of scenery are some of the reasons people move. Furniture movers and office movers can make the business of moving easier and less stressful. Moving services load your belongings, drive them to a new location, and th


Have Kids? How To Factor Your Little Ones Into Your Home Buying

When you are buying a home as a single person or a young couple, you only have to consider your own needs. Throw children into the mix, and everything changes. While buying a house with little ones in the picture can be a challenge, it does not have to cause a headache. All it takes is a little extra preparation and a new perspective. While looking at homes for sale around the Texas real estate market, ask yourself the following questions.

Does the home’s size line up with your family planning?
A recent Zillow found that 83% of buyers are looking to purchase a single-family home. If you are among these buyers, you might want to think ahead a bit. Couples or individuals planning to have more children may consider up-sizing from the beginning. This way, you can leave room for growth.

How is ...


Find Trusted Care For Your Loved Ones

Nursing facility

Elderly who participated in a survey reported that their greatest fear for long term care is being a burden to their families. They don’t want to intrude on their children’s lives, but want to remain independent as long as possible. In many cases, it is mandatory that the family seek out an assisted living home for their parents due to Alzheimers. Alzheimer’s disease accounts for up to 80% of dementia diagnoses.

The majority of people living with Alzheimer’s are over the age of 65. About 200,000 Americans under 65 have early-onset Alzheimer’s. This is a worry for family members who adjust their own schedules to take care of their loved ones. Over 15 million Americans are unpaid caregivers for people with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Caregivers provided an estimated 18.2 billion hours of care


5 Reasons You Should Donate to Charity

Red cross pickup

Americans are generous people. Every year, they donate a lot in the way of their time, their money and their stuff. One way to give back to your community and help people who need it is to donate clothes to Red Cross centers in your area. The American Red Cross is one of the best known charities in the country. In 2014, ordinary people gave about $687 million. It can be easy to see the good people do when they make used clothing donations or donate clothes to any charity but there are some ways these acts of giving help the person on the giving end of the equation.

  1. Making donations to charity makes people feel great. When you donate clothes to Red Cross centers, you get back a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling. Part of that is the feeling of empowerment that helping other people gives you. In so ma

Thinking Small: 5 Signs It’s Time To Downsize Your Home

townhomesThe average American moves 12 times in their lifetime. Often, these moves are in response to significant life events. The birth of a child, a marriage, and a parent moving in all might prompt you to purchase a bigger house. But sometimes, life leads you to purchase a smaller home. If you are currently experiencing any of the following life events, it might be time to look at townhomes, apartments, or other smaller dwellings.

  1. You don’t use all of the space in your home.
    Unused rooms are simply a waste of space and money. By downsizing, you can make every room in your home well-used and lived in. This can be a highly rewarding experience.
  2. The maintenance is too much.
    You might be at a point in your life where you just can’t handle home maintenance tasks any longer...

Valance, Swag, and Cornice: What’s The Difference?

valanceWindow treatments are a great way to customize your home with your own personal style without making too big of a change. The right kind of window treatments can even improve your living situation in more ways than one. For instance, did you know draperies can reduce the amount of heat loss in your room by up to 10% during the winter?

It’s true window treatments can give your home a little extra flair. But what exactly is the difference between treatments and what do they do for your windows individually?


A valance is a fabric that hangs over the top of the window itself to help hide the hardware of your other window treatments such as the curtain rods...


Facts On Metal Roofs

Metal roofs chilton

In the United States, there are many industries and companies that are underappreciated for the type of work that they do. These industries and professions include plumbers, technicians, electricians, construction site managers, and also roofing companies. Even though most people know very little about all of these different professions, they are all incredibly essential to the everyday lives of most Americans.

Metal roofers and residential roofing are incredibly important for basically everyone that lives in the United States. Everyone relies on their roof to protect them from objects in the sky such as rain, snow, and even things that can fall from trees. When trying to understand the foundation of a house or


Is This My Dream House? How To Know If You’ve Found The One

Thomes for saleaking tours of a seemingly endless list of homes can be the most exhausting part about buying a house — until you find that perfect match. When you walk into a home and you suddenly feel right at home, that is a great sign. But how else do you know that it’s time to stop home shopping? If you have one or several of the following thoughts, it might be time to make an offer.

  • It Doesn’t Have Your Deal Breakers: Most buyers have a list of home features that they are absolute deal breakers for them. For example, if a home has a metal roof, ductless air conditioning, or dogs next door, you might not be interested. If you walk through a home and nothing raises any red flags, this is a great place to start.
  • You Can Imagine Your Personal Touches: You want to be able to picture a home containing ...