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Five Reasons Why Donating To The Red Cross Is Important

For 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the American Red Cross provides relief for communities by providing shelter, food, water and blankets among many essentials to individuals and families in need of a helping hand. The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest charity in the United States as ranked by private donations. It received $687 million in 2014 in private donations.

Seventy percent of Americans donate to charity and about three percent of income is donated. From canned goods and pints of blood to used clothing donations and bedding, the Red Cross takes all sorts of donations. The need for donations is constant and there are many benefits to donating:

  • It goes to good causes: The Red Cross says 91 cents of every dollar it spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs.
  • Making use of old clothes: The EPA says Americans throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothes per person every year. Those who donate cloth

How Your Donations Help the Red Cross

There are many reasons someone might donate items to a charity. Certain people want to clean out their homes. Others donate purely for the joy of helping out those who are in need. If you’re considering preparing donations, you might want to find out more about a charity. Considering that, one of the most popular charities throughout the United States is the Red Cross. In this post, you’ll learn about the Red Cross and how this charity utilizes donated items.

A Brief History of the Red Cross

The Red Cross has been in operation longer than you might think. Clara Barton led the way for this charity by forming the American Red Cross in 1881. Since this time, many people have served as chairpersons for this charity. What hasn’t changed are the many ways the Red Cross helps those in need. Currently, The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest charity in the United States.

How Your Donations Help This Charity

Statistics show that nearly 70% of people throu


Donating To Charity Is As Easy As Gathering Up A Box Of Old Clothes Red Cross Clothing Pickup Services

Fashion trends come and go. What may be uproariously popular one year may seem downright obsolete the next. You know what doesn’t fall out of favor, though?

Donating your used clothes to charity! This trend has only seen more and more growth over the years thanks to the hard work of everyday people like yourself, creating a better world piece by literal piece. Red Cross clothing pickup is a natural result of this development, providing countless families across the country a convenient and fast means of getting rid of those unwanted sweaters clogging up the closet. Even better? It’s as simple as grabbing a box and making a call.

Fashion and generosity…now that’s a match made in heaven. Let’s see what good you can do in 2018 by giving away your unwanted jeans, shirts and jackets.

How is America faring when it comes to the art of generosity? According to recent statistics we’re doing pretty darn well! Over 70% of Americans will donate to charity ea


Donate Your Unwanted Clothing to the American Red Cross

Donate clothing

American Red Cross Donations benefit individuals, families, and communities within the United States and abroad. According to the American Red Cross, they provide the following types of assistance:

    Disaster relief
    Support to United States’ military and their families
    Life-saving blood
    Health and safety services
    International services

You may not be aware, but most of the people that respond to disasters are volunteering their time and expertise. According to the Red Cross, 90% of their humanitarian efforts are carried out by volunteers rather than paid employees.

There were a considerable number of disasters in 2016, and as reported by the American Red Cross, they were able to provide assistance to hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the


Donating Clothing or Other Items to Charity Is a Good Idea

Red cross pickup

The U.S. is a fairly charitable nation, with about seven out of every 10 Americans giving to charity each year. However, only about 3% of total annual income is given to charities each year. Does that mean U.S. residents are charitable but cheap at the same time. Not exactly. Many people choose to donate items, either new or used, to charitable organizations in addition to or in lieu of monetary donations.

One of the most commonly donated items is clothes, which is a good thing, because the average person goes through 68 items of clothing and seven pairs of shoes in a year. There are many organizations that you can donate clothes to when you no longer need them. If you take the clothes to a Red Cross donation center, they will be given to people in need after a disaster. Organizations such as Goodwill and


American Red Cross Donation Ideas

Red cross clothing pick up

Homelessness is a sad reality that many Americans face. The numbers may surprise you, in fact 564,708 people were homeless on any given night in January 2015. Unfortunately, many of American’s veterans are down on their luck and they are people who have put their life on the line in order to protect our national freedom and rights. While all their situations are different, what is important to realize is that these American heroes need our help. So here are some red cross donations ideas that will help them to get back on two feet.

1. Socks

There is nothing worse than having cold extremities, especially in the wintertime. They are also practical because walking around every day requires comfortable feet, not sore with blisters. Wool are great for wicking away moisture whi


How Can Your Used Clothing Donations Help Those in Need?

Clothing donation center

We see and hear about them on the news all the time. For people affected by natural disasters, fires, floods, and the homeless, the Red Cross is at hand, providing food, shelter, blankets and clothes until they can get back on their feet. You might have wished that you could be one of those heroic helpers. Not all of us can give up our jobs and families to help those in need, but we can all help the Red Cross carry out its tasks. You don’t even need a lot of money to help out – Red Cross donations can consist of clothes as well as cash.
Because it is one of the most trusted charities around the world, you can be sure that your Red Cross donations will go directly to those in need. And by donating your used clothes instead of throwing them away, you’re making an environmentally-friendly choice