Donating To Charity Is As Easy As Gathering Up A Box Of Old Clothes Red Cross Clothing Pickup Services

Fashion trends come and go. What may be uproariously popular one year may seem downright obsolete the next. You know what doesn’t fall out of favor, though?

Donating your used clothes to charity! This trend has only seen more and more growth over the years thanks to the hard work of everyday people like yourself, creating a better world piece by literal piece. Red Cross clothing pickup is a natural result of this development, providing countless families across the country a convenient and fast means of getting rid of those unwanted sweaters clogging up the closet. Even better? It’s as simple as grabbing a box and making a call.

Fashion and generosity…now that’s a match made in heaven. Let’s see what good you can do in 2018 by giving away your unwanted jeans, shirts and jackets.

How is America faring when it comes to the art of generosity? According to recent statistics we’re doing pretty darn well! Over 70% of Americans will donate to charity each and every year, with some favoring certain establishments and others switching it up as they see fit. Reaching out to American Red Cross and similar charities sees over $650 billion contributed to the economy through non-profits alone. That’s as much as 3% of total American income! While you may not think donating that shirt does much, the fact of the matter is quite different.

While there’s a lot to appreciate from these numbers, this is an uphill battle none of us should overlook. According to the EPA’s recent studies Americans will throw away an average of 10 pounds of clothing every year. How much is that in total? Turns out the United States consumes over 20 billion garments annually. That’s as many as 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes per person! While many people are becoming quite privy to the benefits of Red Cross clothing pickup services, there are still too many just tossing their clothes and missing out on a prime opportunity to do some good.

Clothing donations are helpful to the community, the environment and your wallet. Used clothes are becoming a more popular option these days for their affordability and flexibility, allowing people of all shapes and sizes to get the clothes they need to keep up with the latest trends or pad out their closet. The average American today wears twice as many outfits as they did a few decades ago. Instead of just tossing away what no longer fits, reach out to used clothing donations and give someone else an opportunity to shine!

But how does donating clothing and Red Cross clothing pickup help out the environment?”, you may be asking. Landfills today are filled with all sorts of trash that pollutes the air and contaminants the surroundings. When you keep clothing out of landfills you keep them from growing taller and give the economy useful materials. Nearly 100% of clothing have recyclable materials, such as cotton or spandex, and they don’t lose an inch of quality in the process. A recent study found over 60% of high net donors citing ‘giving back to the community at large’ as their biggest motivation for donating.

Even your wallet and personal living can see a boost. Your donation is tax deductible, provided you keep your receipt, and that can make tax season much more tolerable. Spring cleaning is also a necessary way to maintain your sanity. Clutter is notoriously bad for people’s mood and can contribute to increased feelings of restlessness, anxiety and frustration. In a short? To donate clothes is to help everyone, from yourself to your local workers to your neighbor. For 24 hours per day and 365 days per year the American Red Cross provides relief for families in many different ways.

That cardigan sweater or pair of boots you no longer wear can make it all the easier for them to keep helping! Red Cross clothing pickup services just need a phonecall and a box of your clothes donations, so reach out to them this week and make the world a better place one small step at a time.

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