Clothing and Household Items Donations Help Families Who Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Another Saturday. Another snow storm.

Another Saturday when yard work is out of the question.

As you and your family prepare for another cold April weekend in the midwest, you have decided that you might instead tackle some projects inside the house.

In fact, after Saturday morning breakfast together you convinced both your husband and your 16 year old daughter to listen to a podcast with you. Originally interested because it was a conversation about poetry, both speakers talked about living a life that was both intentional and authentic. Once they 20 minute podcast ended, the three of you sat and talked about the parts of the broadcast that stressed an importance to empathize in a more profound way in an effort to know what other people are feeling. All three of you decided that you were interested in doing a better job of noticing. Paying a different kind of attention to the way that you lead your lives and thinking about those who are less fortunate.
This conversation turned into action when you decided to all three sort through the clothes that your have in your closets and dresser drawers, and if possible do the same with the household items in the kitchen, the laundry room, and the basement. You decided to take this cold and snowy Saturday as a gift. A gift to help you declutter your home with the intention of contributing to American Red Cross clothing donations. Approaching these tasks with a different mind set meant that you were successfully able to find some really nice items that could be used by someone else, instead of just taking up space and gathering dust in your home.
Red Cross Donation Centers Make It Easy to Help Those Who Are Less Fortunate

American Red Cross clothing donations, as well as monetary gifts help people not only in our country but around the world as well. The fact that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the American Red Cross provides relief for families and communities in the form of clothing, blood, blankets, food, and shelter means that you can make sure that any gifts that you make will be put to good use. Whether you decide to donate clothing, money, or blood, you are making the decision to help those who are often struggling to find the means to provide for their children. Whether the loss that these families have experienced is because of a natural disaster, a fire, or a financial crisis, the American Red Cross can help.
As the 13th largest U.S. charity when ranked by private donations, the American Red Cross received $687 million in private donations in the year 2014. The decision to take the time to sort through your home for items that you can give to American Red Cross clothing donations is always a good one. Even if it is not a snowy Saturday in April.

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