5 Simple Things to Think About When Building Your Dream Home

Luxury house builders

If you are at the point in your life that you are looking at luxury custom home models to get ideas for your dream house then congratulations! Building the place that has been nothing but a vision of the far off future is more than just a dream house, it’s proof of your hard work and never giving up; it’s years of setting and meeting goals and making tough choices to invest in your future. You should be proud of yourself and put anything you want into your luxury house plans!

Luxury home floor plans can have a lot of different things that you can add to them. Going to luxury custom home models will give you a good idea of some of the amenities that you can have installed in your home but first things first. Here are a few steps to follow when looking in to building luxury custom homes.

Choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need to accommodate how you want to life to be. Do you want room for the grand kids to come and stay with you? Or do you purposely not want the extra bedrooms so they can not? Do you want to each have your own bathroom and would you be happy sharing one with a double sink feature? Think about your home now and what you wished it had and implement those ideas into your new home plan.

Floor Plan
As with any other type of home or residence you want to make sure that you are happy with the layout. You’ll have to decide on a open floor plan or not. Some options include being able to see into the living area from the kitchen, over a breakfast bar and in some plans, the kitchen is a completely separate room with its own door. Which one you go for really just depends on what suits you and whoever you will be living with.

This may not be a big deal, but as you’ll see in most luxury custom home models, there is a standard height for sinks and counters. If you are on the short side or the tall side, you do not have to stick with these heights. You can design your home around yourself and the others that will be living with you and make sure that all counters, sinks and even the breakfast bar are at a height that is suitable for you and odes not cause unnecessary strain on your back. This will make your life a lot easier and stress free.

Think Long Term
If this is the home you plan to retire in and spend out the rest of your days then you will want to think about stairs and things that may make it difficult to live in once you get older. Should something happen and anyone end up in a wheelchair, you’ll want to make sure all the areas are wide enough to maneuver around. You’ll also want to consider ease of cleaning as you get older. Would you prefer mopping or vacuuming? Are there too many high places that will need dusting or cleaning? Keep these things in mind so that you don’t have to make to many changes as you age.

Now that you’ve thought about and planned out the actual home, this is where the fun part comes in. There are a lot of different amenities that you could add into your home. Here are a few ideas for you to choose from:

  • In house spa room with massage tables and foot spas
  • Wine cellar with tasting area or vineyard
  • Outdoor kitchen with wood fire oven and grill
  • Heated swimming pool and hot tub
  • Game room with set ups like pool and billiards
  • Theater room with wide screen, surround sound and deluxe chairs complete with popcorn maker
  • Entertainment room where you can throw dinner parties and elegant dances
  • The list could go on forever. You aren’t going to find all of your ideas in luxury custom home models, but you could go online and find ideas or let your imagination run wild with the elaborate amenities that you have seen in movies and TV shows. The world is open to you, all you have to do is include it in your plans.

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