Five Tips For A Backyard Wedding

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Weddings are expensive. Some couples are lucky enough to disregard cost, but for everyone else, the search for ways to reduce the price of getting married is constant. One idea that has recently gained popularity is the backyard wedding. Not an option for everybody, a backyard wedding requires a large amount of space and a significant amount of advanced planning. This is no simple backyard party, so anyone selecting this option thinking it will be easy should rethink their selection immediately. For those who need them, here are five tips for a successful backyard wedding.

  1. Ask Around For Help: Ask everyone you know if they know a talented baker or have a florist friend. Perhaps one of your friends is a DJ on the weekend. You will never know unless you ask, and a personal connection can save a lot of money.
  2. Rent What You Can: Party rentals for weddings are available at most event rental venues. Of course, most people will know immediately to contact such a company about a tent rental, but also rent linens and look into rental chairs. Party rentals for weddings are a great benefit to any bridal budget.
  3. Get Crafty: Whether you are the type of person to Do It Yourself or not, at-home crafts are a cost-cutting method that can still look quite lovely. If you do not like crafts, just remind yourself while cutting and gluing of the money you are saving.
  4. Take Advantage of Nature For Your Decor: If you plant the appropriate flowers in advance, nature will do most of your decorating for you. Work with the environment you have, tend it appropriately and play it to your advantage wherever you can.
  5. Plan Entertainment: Since it is your backyard, you can plan as much, or as little, as you like to occupy your guests. Instead of expecting everyone to stare at you for the entire event, why not give them a fun, memorable time?

Although there is no fool-proof formula to guarantee an enjoyable wedding, and most brides and grooms understand things will go wrong on the big day. However, with these tips, hopefully your backyard wedding will go more smoothly.

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