Apartment Hunting With Kids? Ask Your Realtor These Essential Questions

apartmentsSearching for your next apartment involves many details and considerations. And this is especially true when you have children. You want to find an apartment that fulfills a your family’s needs and keeps your children safe. To prioritize your children, it’s important to ask certain questions while touring apartments. Your realtor can then help you determine whether which apartment is best for you.

Are there other children in the apartment complex or neighborhood?
You likely want your children to make friends in the area, since socializing with neighborhood kids is such an intrinsic part of childhood. When you see other children and families in an apartment complex, this generally means that it is kid-friendly. On the other hand, a complex void of kids could be a red flag.

What kid-friendly amenities are available?
While you are touring a facility, ask if there is a playground, pool, walking trails, and other amenities for your kids to enjoy. It’s important for little ones to get outside and have fun, but you also want them to be safe while doing so. When apartment complexes have enclosed recreational areas, your kids can enjoy the space securely.

How are the area schools?
This is a key consideration when moving anywhere. Even if your kids are too young to go to school, it’s still wise to plan for the future. While you can also look up this information online, your realtor will likely be a wealth of information about local schools and kid-friendly events.

Is the apartment complex pet friendly?
More than 70% of apartment owners have pets, and when growing a family, furry friends often become part of the equation. Your kids will almost inevitably start asking for a dog at some point. Pet friendly apartments allow you to invite Fluffy into your home at any time, so it’s always a perk when complexes allow pets.

Apartment hunting with children is a specialized experience, so it’s important to communicate closely with your realtor. Talk with your agent about whether your kids will come along on tours as well, since you might want their input. By taking this decision seriously and considering all of their needs, your kids will be as happy in your new home as you will be.

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