Are Wooden Bunks the Best Type of Bunk? Three Facts

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Did you know that we use beds more than any other type of furniture? Today, bunk beds are a popular bedding choice for children. Usually one child takes the top and the other takes the bottom, though sometimes, the bed will just be for one child. Your choices for bunk beds might be more extensive than you realize. Here are three things you should know.

1. Bunk Bed Set Up Options

Many of us think of the traditional twin over twin bunk beds when we think “bunk beds.” However, there are a variety of choices available. You can get twin over full bunk beds for people who want more space on the bottom, or you can get full over full bunk beds for dual extra space. With many bunk styles, the top bunk is elevated to provide more space, while the bottom section of the bunk is used as a desk, play, or couch area. This setup can also be ideal for children who want to or need to share a room, but might not want to share a bunk necessarily.

2. Are Wooden Bunk Beds Ideal?

Your options also include the construction material for the bunk. Wood is a classic choice for those looking for more traditional room choices and is sturdier and quieter than other options. Metal bunk beds are less expensive and a popular choice for many parents and children. They are also better suited to modern design. Bunk beds can come in a wide range of colors and additional design types; white and black are most popular. For even more fun, slides can be added to most bunks. In most cases, bunks have a ladder for climbing down.

3. Are Bunk Beds Safe?

Bunk beds are safe, though they might be statistically more risky than a normal bed. Experts recommend against very young children– those under six years of age– sleeping on bunk beds, since they make up more than 50% of bunk related injury cases. Parents should be clear with their children on rules; jumping or otherwise getting down from the top bunk without the ladder will often lead to wrist or ankle injuries. All bunk beds are overseen by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, guardrails on the top bunk and five inches or more between the upper guardrail and the mattress.

Do your kids use full over full bunk beds?

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  1. thanks for the tips. i read this story recently that two parents locked up their kid in her bunk, to protect her from wandering. and they were charged with child endangerment

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