Construct a Mini Haunted House: Three Fun Halloween Projects to do With Your Kids

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Although trick or treating is popular now, it’s fairly recent in its origins; the first mention of it in print can be found in a 1927 text from Blackie, Canada. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for decorating, ranking just behind Christmas in terms of commercial purchases. If you want to have a fun Halloween with your family, though, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Here are three fun ideas for projects you can do in your home.

1. Construct a Mini Haunted House

Did you know that, according to the National Retail Federation, 21% of Americans will visit a haunted house this season? You can bring the spook of a decrepit, ghost infested building into your home with this neat crafts for home project. Collect a bunch of odds and ends from around your home, especially small pieces of wood left over from construction. Cardboard from food containers, small bottles, even rocks can be useful. Necessary too is paint. Help your children with a glue gun, and let them go to town in creating a spooky odds and ends house. Here, good home design isn’t necessary; any odd crooks and spaces are great for painting eyes over.

2. Creative Ways to Decorate Your Room

Orange and black are the colors of halloween because orange is a symbol of endurance and strength, and stands for harvest. Black is a symbol of darkness and death, reminding us that halloween once was a festival that remembered the dead and departing. How can you decorate your home for halloween? If you want to create a true spectacle, sheets and lighting can go a long way. Buy yards of cheap, black material from a local craft store, and drape it around your room. Small black “christmas” lights can help illuminate. Use black paper to create spooky silhouettes of ghouls and werewolves for the walls. Ideas for projects can also incorporate balloons draped with white cloth in order to make “ghosts.”

3. A Spider Web Countdown

Everyone likes an advent calendar, so why not use this for creative decorating ideas? Find or make an empty picture frame, and use string to create a “spider web.” You can do this by crossing three pieces of string from each corner and side to the opposite side. Then, run another piece of string around and around, knotting as you pass each string. Next, find mini clothes pins from a craft store and attach them to cut out spiders, either bought or made from various materials (pipe cleaners, etc). Place the spiders on the web and take one down everyday in order to make a countdown to halloween!

Do you have ideas for projects you’d like to share? Share your creative craft ideas here!

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