Are You Looking for Metal Roofing Options for a New Construction Project?

Wisconsin metal roofing

The work needed to be completed immediately. Even though your neighbors were at their summer home in Arizona, the damage to the roof on their midwest home needed to be addressed. Residential roofing contractors were busy after the early spring storm, but it was important that someone come address this issue at your neighbor’s home immediately. With a quick fix, the interior damage can be limited. Without, you fear that the next heavy rain could multiply the current problem.
whether you are looking for metal roof installers or a single residential contractors, roof work is always something that needs to be complete sooner rather than later. Even in new building construction, the majority of the interior work that needs to be completed is dependent upon the work of metal roof installers. Without a secure and dry indoor work environment, interior contractors can begin the process of framing, drywalling, and the future finish work. When the metal roof installers have not yet finished their work, none of the interior progress can begin.

  • Roofs made of metal have been shown to help save as much as 25% off of an annual home energy bill.
  • One of the major advantages of a metal roof is its longevity. In fact, metal roofs often last 50 or more years with the proper maintenance.
  • One statistic that is difficult to deny is that many new roofing materials are more environmentally friendly and also have the advantage of being easier to maintain. For instance, the newest metal roofs typically contain anywhere from 30% to 60% of recycled metal content, as well as being 100% recyclable at the end of their use.
  • For a typical metal roof, the materials will last about three to seven times longer than more traditional and typical asphalt shingles roof.

  • Work on roofs, siding, windows, and gutters often needs to be completed very quickly. Whether it is repair work that needs to be done to avoid any future water damage or it is new construction work, outside work being completed impacts the progress of many interior jobs.
  • One of the best ways to add to the value of a home or business location is to install a new energy efficient roof. This significant update is often featured in real estate property listings.
  • Roofing materials that are metal, even the most expensive types like copper, zinc, and stainless steel, typically cost 30% less than the cheapest slate or tile roof.
  • Keeping the future value of a property in mind helps property owners understand the value and the urgency in addressing both the selection of materials and the repair of damages.

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