DIY Tree Trimming Folks Watch This to Prune and Not Kill Your Trees

Most homeowners know that trees planted on their property need to be pruned occasionally. More often than not, this task is delayed until a low-hanging branch of a tree becomes visible. Tree trimming isn’t exactly rocket science, it just requires following simple tips such as those contained here.
Pruning your tree includes preventing damage to the bark ridges and bark.

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Also, you need to leave an angled and clean cut which gives the tree a good look. Finally, you should avoid long stumps because they lead to rot and insect infestation.
When cuts are smooth, it leads to quick wound closures. Therefore, make sure your tools are sharp so that your cuts will be clean and devoid of rough edges. Do not make clean cuts into the branch bark ridge, which is found on the upper side of the tree branch. Always cut at an angle to prevent leaving too much of the cut surface exposed.
Note that more significant cuts, as in the case of thinning, need two cuts to be made just before the final cut.
In summary, make sure your pruning equipment is sharp and that you are wearing the proper protective gear. Also, when cutting a tree bud, ensure to cut it within ΒΌ in. of the bud and make sure the cut is made at a slight angle to give it quicker healing.

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