Eating Well and Living Well for a Better World

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Some people do not think about where the food on their plate is coming from. Others make it a priority to know. Still others are just grateful to be eating. Wherever you fall in these categories, it is worth giving a second thought, if not for your own health, than for the health of the cattle or farm animals you’re eating. As there are just more than 2.2. million farms within the United States, there could be quite a variety of quality standards when it comes to the conditions of the food in which you choose to partake.

Healthy food starts in California
Whether you’re looking at the health and happiness of cattle, or the success of farms and vineyards, California is a good place to start. The top three exports in agriculture for California, looking at it in terms of value, would be dairy and other dairy products, almonds, and not surprisingly, wine. California is well known for its many vineyards. And while it is also known for its dairy farms, there are also cattle ranches where healthy animals are raised. Other products that many farms in California produce include artichokes, olives, pomegranates, sweet rice, figs, and at least 50 more types of crops. And who could forget the good old California raisins?

Healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle
Knowing where your food comes from, whether it is meat, wheat, fruits and vegetables, or otherwise, is a good way to stay healthy and promote a well-balanced lifestyle. On top of the freshness of what lands on your dinner plate being healthier for you, knowing that your food came from a well-taken care of farm or ranch will lead to better practices in farms and ranches across the country. Perhaps we can get back to a style of farming, ranching, and living that is more in tune with the planet and the other living things we share it with. Successfully feeding every hungry mouth does not have to mean churning out unhealthy animal factories or dousing plants in chemicals.

Get educated about the source of your food and the practices used to grow and raise it. Help build a healthier future for everyone.

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