Find a Good Landscape Design Company to Build Your Dream Yard

A yard with lovely landscaping has higher curb appeal than a house with sparse or dying grass. The human eye is drawn to colors, shapes, and lighting. These three aspects are important additions when creating a luxury landscaping design. But landscaping is not an easy weekend job. It takes good planning to create a beautiful yard. Here are a few tips to help you create your dream yard, with the help of a great landscape design company.

What Takes a Yard From Blah to Amazing?

There are many pieces of advice when it comes to creating more interest in a yard. Even minor landscaping where ornamental features are added is not without its pitfalls. Extensive landscaping in which grass is added or removed, and plants are added requires significantly more care during the planning phase. Changing up the hardscaping might be best left to professionals such as a landscape design company.

How to Change Up the Hardscaping to Create a Better Flow.

Most homeowners who plan to improve their lawns think only of the landscaping they could do. They rarely think about hardscaping. What is hardscaping? If you weren’t aware, landscaping refers to living features such as trees, plants, grass, and flowers. Conversely, hardscape is all of the rest: rocks, gravel, boulders, paving stones, and even the driveway. A landscape design company might be able to help you create hardscaping that adds to the dream yard you envision.

These are features that are often ignored, yet can make a big impact when worked into a larger plan. Changing up the hardscape in your yard can have just as much of an effect as adding a few trees. The reasons have to do with the flow of walking paths. A simple square of short green grass is incredibly boring. In contrast winding pathways, curved flower beds, and a circular driveway if you’re really wanting to add an element of refinement add interest.

Why You Need to Devote Careful Planning and Foresight When Adding Plants.

Lush flowerbeds and shady trees can take a lawn from boring to an oasis of beauty. However, the lovely images in gardening magazines are not the work of amateurs. Even if you have landscape planting ideas, it might be best to get a second opinion before starting. People who are not knowledgeable about the needs of plants should consult a professional when planning their landscaping. It is better to have to change your plans, than to change your plants after they’ve been planted.

Different plants have different needs for the amount of sun and water they require. Some flowers need to be planted in the shade of a house or tree, while another flower would die in the same conditions. To avoid a yard full of dead flowers, consult someone who understands when and where to plant the additions you want. Just know that there is a chance that the plants you want may not be suitable for the area you have. The amount of sun, shade, and how much care you’ll be able to give to your plants will all play a role.

Here’s How Things Can Go Wrong When It Comes to Trinkets.

There is one method of updating a lawn that requires no landscape design company. Some homeowners love to add little additions to their yard such as garden gnomes, stone frogs, spinning kites, or wind chimes. One or two of these can add a whimsical touch to your lawn. When too many trinkets are added to a yard, it creates a cluttered appearance. Practice restraint when adding these, and try to only include those pieces that have a special meaning to the home.

Improving the landscaping and hardscaping around a home does more than just look nice. It can add up to 14% to the resale value of a home if you planned to sell. A well-planted tree, such as shading an air conditioning unit can improve the unit’s efficiency by 10% or so. It can be a big job or a small job, but changing up the look of your home’s lawn can have lasting positive effects.

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