The Benefits Of Donating Your Old Clothing To Charity Organizations

If you don’t know what to do with your old clothing that you no longer wear, you are certainly not only. In fact, the average person living in the United States owns more articles of clothing than ever before in history. Each and every person is estimated to consume a total of around sixty eight articles of clothing each year as well as seven total pairs of shoes – culminating in the consumption of more than twenty billion garments in the United States alone in the span of just one year. It is only natural that many of us end up with more articles of clothing than we can feasibly wear on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this subsequently leads to great deal of waste generated from discarded articles of clothing, with each and every person in the United States throwing away about ten pounds of clothing articles every single year. These articles of clothing all too often end up in landfills, where they contribute to the growing waste problem in this country and in the world as a whole.

An alternative can be found in the form of used clothing donations, however. Used clothing donations to a Red Cross clothing pickup have a number of hugely positive effects that have spurred as many as seventy percent of all United States residents to make some kind of donation to charity within the last year. First of all, dropping your used clothing off at a clothing donation center or a clothing donation pickup such as a Red Cross clothing pickup keeps millions of pounds of clothing from entering a landfill every year. And even if your clothing is not in the best shape, it is still likely that it can be repurposed in some way, shape, or form and so is still an acceptable contribution to a Red Cross clothing pickup and as a Red Cross clothing donation.

Your clothing donations can also help to better your community by helping out those who are in need. American Red Cross clothing donations giving to an American Red Cross clothing pickup are particularly instrumental in fighting back against poverty, as this clothing often goes directly to someone who can use it. The American Red Cross in general is a hugely important organization in this country, as it provides shelter, clothing, blankets, food, and even blood donations to those who are desperately in need of it and of all of these things. As the American Red Cross is – disregarding situations that necessitate an emergency clothing of an American Red Cross center – open every day of the year and for twenty four hours of the day, used clothing donations given to a Red Cross clothing pickup are always needed and always appreciated – and may have a bigger impact in someone’s life than you may ever truly realize.

Finally, giving away your old clothes to a Red Cross clothing pickup site is also a great way to streamline your own life. Too often we hang onto things that we no longer have any use of, and they sit and gather dust while contributing to clutter and taking up space in our homes and living spaces. Donating them to charity is a great way to declutter and streamline your home without unnecessarily creating more waste that the planet cannot deal with. But how do you know when it is time to let go of some of your clothing? To start, take a look at the kind of climate you live in. If you live in a two season climate, you should get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in six months or more, as it is likely that it is not a useful enough piece of clothing to warrant keeping around.

Donating to an American Red Cross center through an American Red Cross clothing pickup site is hugely beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. For one, as first discussed in this article, it is friendly to our environment, helping to reduce the total amount of waste that we contribute to our planet each and every year. It is also hugely beneficial for the communities that we live in.

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