Why and How To Hire Movers

Whenever you are contemplating a move, it’s a temptation to skip calling the moving and storage services and try to do everything yourself. As the average person in America moves 12 times during their life, most of us will have at least one occasion to make a decision about whether or not to use moving and storage services. Here’s why you should and how to go about it:

  • Moving is way, way harder than you think it will be. Moving is one of the most stressful things that anyone can do. It’s hard on you, hard on your family, hard on your friends, and strains relationships and even sanity to the breaking point. In fact, when you ask the average person who has moved a few times whether or not you should hire moving and storage services to help you in your move, you’ll almost always get a loud YES! While you’re still a few weeks out from the move and aren’t at the tipping point it seems like there is time and energy to do it all. When things get down to the wire you’ll find yourself willing to pay anything to anyone just to get the nightmare over with. That is not the time to look for movers.
  • You most likely want to preserve your relationships. The emotional strain of moving is so great that you can find yourself withdrawing from everyone. You’ve got to save your emotional strength for what you’re doing and for the hundreds of decisions about what to take, when to pack what, and how to best arrange all the packing. You’ve got very little energy left to give to the ones you love, and you’re also in need of help, which you are getting them to offer. If you don’t want everyone you know to regret knowing you then get movers.
  • You need to think about a lot more than just the moving. There are a thousand things to do when you move, from updating a driver’s license to setting up utilities in one place and canceling them in another. You’ve got to also be sure to eat that day, as well as feed your kids if you have any. When you get to the new place, where will you sleep? Is there food there for tomorrow morning? What about coffee? Hire some movers to worry about toting all the boxes and furniture and free yourself to consider all the other things that only you can do.
  • The movers have all the equipment you need to do the job. The thing that will cause you to completely lose your mind on moving day is when you can’t get a piece of furniture apart because you’re lacking that one tiny, specific Allen wrench or just the right screwdriver: and you know just where you packed it tightly away, too. Professional moving and storage services not only come with dollies and hand trucks for the big stuff and the appliances, but they also have all the tools they need to take care of business.
  • Movers will cost money, but it’s an investment you can budget for. Whatever you do, please, please don’t hire two random guys off the Internet. You could get thieves and scammers; you could get a couple lazy bums who won’t do a thing for you; you could spend your whole day babysitting them while they do the job more slowly than you could. You could even end up having to replace expensive items they broke. Know that you’re going to need professional, reliable moving and storage services and put it into your moving budget. Save for it by cutting spending or making more money, and remind yourself that things will get done right and with a minimum of stress. If anything does get broken, the movers’ insurance will cover it. All your really need to do is check reviews, ask about prices, and make sure the movers are fully insured.

The last thing you want on moving day is extra, avoidable stress. Hire reputable moving and storage services and you’ll end up breathing just a little easier that day.

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