Finding he Right Thank You Gift Is a Great Way to End the School Year

As parents across the nation prepare for summer and the end of the school year, there are many families looking for some way to thank teachers. From gift cards to fruit basket arrangements, there are many ways that you can thank the teachers and staff who work all school year with your children.

And while there are some families who are looking for ways to thank school staff members, there are others who are looking for specialty floral arrangements to help celebrate high school and college graduation. In fact, graduation flowers are a great way to make sure that your party has the look that you want.

May Is a Popular Month for Floral and Fruit Basket Arrangements

From end of the school year thank you gifts to graduation presents, May is a busy month for thanking and congratulating people. In addition, the month of May also includes one of the most popular holidays for buying flowers, Mother’s Day. Add in the number of weddings that are scheduled for this first warm month of the year and you begin to understand why May is one of the busiest months for flower, fruit, and other kinds of arrangements. As decorations and as thank you’s, there are a number of arrangements that can serve a variety of purposes.

Although there are many new kinds of arrangements that people give to show thanks and appreciation, as well as beauty, this is by no means a new idea. In fact, there are depictions that indicate the arrangements of flower bouquets date back to as early as 2500 BC. And while Americans may have extended the number of reasons to give flower arrangements, this popular gift has been around for a long time. Consider some of these most popular times that people get and give floral and fruit basket arrangements:

  • Showering her way into the church, as many as 60% of wedding parties include a flower girl.
  • Picking the kind of flowers to be included in an arrangement is the first step in making an order. As Mother’s Day approaches, many florists and consumers are selecting tulips, even though they have a lifespan that is very short, in fact, only three to seven days.
  • Estimates indicate that flowers make up 7% to 8% of a typical wedding budget.
  • Christmas and Hanukkah are the number one floral-buying holiday. In fact, 30% of adults purchase flowers or plants as gifts for this winter holiday season.
  • In a recent study by the National Retail Federation, 66% of those celebrating Mother’s Day will buy mom flowers, spending as much as $2.4 billion in the year 2016.
  • About 15% of American women indicate that they will send themselves flower on February 14.
  • Letting a teacher know that you appreciate all of his or her hard work is a great way to end the school year.

There are many important and SPECIAL times when people make the decision to send a beautiful floral arrangements. Fortunately, local florists have a number of prearranged items ready for you if you are in a hurry, as well as providing services to create custom arrangements.

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