How to Add Character to Your Modern Home

People buying new homes for the first time may find themselves stuck between wanting to make their new place look charming while also keeping it modern and updated. Newer homes typically don’t have a lot of character in them since they were built so recently and most likely haven’t been lived in for long if at all.

If you find yourself moving into a modernized home but want to add a little bit of charm and class to the place, here are some tips.

If the home you are about to move into is still in the building process, speak with the builders and see if you can request certain features. For example, requesting something like exposed brick walls and stainless steel countertops can help create a rustic yet edgy appearance. By mixing the metal and the brick together, you’re adding contrast to the room and also keeping it monochromatic. It’s a great way to add some comfort and truly make it feel like a home instead of just a house.

Another great way to bring some character into your home is by decorating with antiques. Antiques, like umbrella stands, are older pieces that have a story behind them. They’re great talking pieces and can come in the form of umbrella stands, antique brass planters, and bowls, to name a few. If your new home looks extremely white and clean, adding the contrast of the antiques can help spice things up a bit. Place the antique umbrella stands by your front door so people get a whiff of character as soon as they walk in.

One really easy way to add some character to your home is to mix patterns. A lot of people are scared of the concept of mixing patterns because they don’t want to go overboard and are afraid that their decor won’t look that together. However, you won’t know until you try it. Don’t be afraid to take an accent pillow with stripes and pair it with another accent pillow that has circles and triangles all over it. This can really help bring some fun and excitement to a potentially boring room.

Bringing character into a home doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Take a look at a few of the tips listed above when decorating your brand new home to transform it from something extremely modern to something that looks lived-in and comfortable. A HomeGoods survey says only one out of five Americans feels happy with their home decor. Don’t you want to be happy with what you see?

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