Four Reasons the Product of Amish Workshops is Better

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Using only basic garden equipment, Amish families create abundant crops that they sell and roadside stands and use to make homemade baked goods that are incomparable to anything you’ve ever tasted. The Amish people have the Midas touch with everything they produce. In fact, even the garden equipment they use is handmade with care and have better functionality and quality than the product of our greatest technology. Some people turn to the Amish for their garden equipment needs, and not just the fruit of the land that the garden equipment creates.

The quality and craftsmanship that goes into everything produced in Amish communities –Amish furniture, Amish barns, Amish gazebos, and so on — is so superior to that of anything that is mass produced in a factory that there is no contest. A few reasons that people look for items created an Amish workshops include:

  1. Superior craftsmanship
    The Amish culture put the precedent on hard work and putting forth your best in everything you do. Because great care and detail is put into everything they produce, the handcrafted goods that Amish make are designed to last generations. Not to mention, while conventional furniture is often made out of cheap particle board that is just glued together and quickly crumbles, the Amish people create their pieces with tried and true joinery techniques and solid hardwood that create true heirloom pieces.
  2. Supporting an American tradition
    The first Amish settlement was developed in Pensylvania in the early 18th century. While the world around them has completely flipped upside down over the last three centuries, very little has changed among this quaint community. It is a rare gem that we have, having an incredible example of our history as a country still alive and thriving today. The Amish culture is such a pure and beautiful group of people, it is hard to believe that they’ve thrived into this day and age. When you decide to invest in furniture or building structures that are built in Amish workshops (or even baked goods that come from Amish bakeries and farms), you are directly supporting this culture’s ability to thrive and continue on, and having a direct impact in preserving one of the few pieces of living history that still exists from the origins of our country.
  3. Customization

    Unlike cookie-cutter pieces that come off in assembly line, the product of Amish craftsmanship is created by hand by woodworkers in independent workshops. The benefit to you is that if you want a specific design for your furniture, garage, shed, or so on, you can get exactly what you are looking for from an Amish builder. Likewise, you have the option of choosing the exact building material that you want for the piece that graces your home. Any specific customization you need from your handmade piece, you can provide to the craftsmen who actually create it and they will be able to incorporate your wishes into the design.
  4. Sustainable and earth-friendly building practices

    The product of Amish workshops is extremely environmentally focused. The sustainable building practices of Amish cultures is multi-faceted:

    • The superior quality and craftsmanship of Amish furniture, buildings, other structures are designed to last generations. This reduces the resources and energy required to replace the piece when it falls apart, as well as prevents the unnecessary space in a landfill being taken up when you disposed of it.
    • Amish craftsmanship does not use chemicals to make unnatural building materials. Nor do they use electricity in the creation of their products. These factors are used in conventional manufacturing and deplete the natural resources of the planet.
    • It is a common practice within Amish craftsmanship to utilize local hardwoods, which reduces the carbon footprint it takes to transport material generated from unsustainable logging practices from other countries.
    • It is a fundamental belief in the Amish community that they should focus on leaving the planet in better shape then they found it. The locally sourced wood that they use to create their products is always from sustainable harvesters.

There is a reason that Amish-made products are highly sought after. The quality of product created by the skilled hand of an Amish craftsman is unmatched by anything you can get in a big box store.

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