What Questions Should You Ask When You Are Checking Out a Daycare Center?

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Crawling from room to room, the group of infants laughed and giggled as they enjoyed their daily adventure. With doors latched safely open to prevent any pinched fingers the day care staff played along with the game. Because infants love a sense of repetition, it was easy to predict when the staff members should “sneak” in on the young adventurers. When the children first enter one of the three crib rooms they are the loudest. After a few minutes, however, they suddenly become silent. It is as if they are silently waiting for someone to notice that they are alone. The anticipation of being “caught” is seen on their faces. As you peak around and say, “What are you guys doing in here?” they burst into laughter again, scamper past you and out of the room, and move to the next space where they will “hide” again.
Although much attention is paid to the care and schedule of the napping, the feeding, the changing of babies when they are in a daycare setting, it is just as important to make sure that your child enjoys the freedom of space and of time to work his or her young muscles and to socialize with other infants. And while educational toys books and arts and crafts with even the youngest children tend to be emphasized most often, it is important to understand that one of the things that benefit the youngest children is the opportunity to move around in spaces that are safe and specifically created for them
Safe, Well Prepared Environments Are a Key to a Great Child Care Center
Parents preparing to find a child care center for their children should be prepared to ask questions about how often the crib fitted sheets are washed to how many books and toys are available. Knowing, for example that crib fitted sheets are washed everyday and that hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protectors are also included on each crib and washed daily is an indicator of a center that values the health and the cleanliness of your child.
A center that goes the extra step and uses protective pillow cases for the large throw pillows that are often used in reading areas is a center that does things correctly and will be more likely to take the time in preparing all of the environments for your child. Brightly colored kids pillowcases are attractive when they are new and clean, but can be a harbinger for dirt and germs if not properly and frequently washed. Safe and well maintained outdoor play areas allow children to explore the outside and stretch their abilities and curiosity.
Making the decision to leave your infant with a childcare provider is an important decision. When you start looking at options, remember to check the small stuff. The condition and variety of the books on the shelf; the cleanliness of the crib fitted sheets in the napping space; and the giggles and laughter of the young infants playing together.

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