Australian Crocodile Hunting Safaris Could Begin to Lower Dangerous Croc Population

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In Australia, during the last weekend of May, two women walked into the waters of Thornton beach, at Daintree National Park. Cindy Waldron, one of the women, was killed by a crocodile that night which sparked a new hunting proposal.

Crocodile Hunting Safaris

An idea that would hypothetically make areas that have many crocodiles safer for people, is being supported by local politicians.

The idea has been proposed and subsequently rejected numerous times in Australia, but after the most recent attack, it’s gaining momentum.

“Croc shooting safaris can put nation back in balance,” said Bob Katter, a member of the Australian House of Representatives.

According to National Geographic the saltwater crocodile is the largest crocodile on the planet and, according to some researchers, is the animal that is most likely to eat a person.

“Nature has a balance and the balance is completely out of whack,” said Katter. “I believe crocodile hunting safaris could be a solution.”

“When you’re in a national park,” said Grahame Webb, who works as a crocodile conservationist, “and dangerous animals are part of the attraction — it just really is misadventure. People say, ‘Let’s just do it, it looks so nice’ but you just don’t swim in those sort of areas.”

Webb believes that to effectively bring the risk down to where it was before all the attacks, the entire species would nearly have to be wiped out.

To wake the waters safe again, that means “cutting the population down by 95% or something,” Webb said. “People have to have some level of responsibility for their own actions.”

In the United States, although dangerous animals are all over, no one is going on hunting safaris just yet.

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Whether you’re searching for hunting land for sale, cattle ranches for sale, or any other type of property in the country, if you see any gigantic crocodiles swimming around… run.

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