Adjustable Beds The Life Change You Weren’t Expecting

Quality of your sleep

A good night of undisturbed sleep can make a major difference in a person’s day. If that undisturbed sleep goes on to become a consistent part of life, the overall quality of that person’s life is exponentially improved. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get the sleep that we need. Furthermore, when we do sleep it doesn’t necessarily make a difference. It’s not enough to simply sleep — most of us will eventually fall asleep if we’re tired enough, no matter how uncomfortable we are. That sleep has to be good sleep — and yes, there can be a difference in sleep quality. Your sleep quality can depend on everything from your physical health to the temperature of the room you sleep in. Undoubtedly, however, one of the major factors involved in determining sleep quality is the comfort level of the sleeper. And additionally, the comfort level of the sleeper is highly affected by the mattress upon which you sleep. An adjustable bed can be what makes or breaks a good night’s sleep. However, one cannot simply go to the store and buy the first adjustable bed one finds. There are many types of adjustable beds available, and in order to buy the right one, you should first do some research.

Sleep: The Realities Of A Good Night’s Rest

You would be amazed by how often people think they’re getting a good night’s rest, when they in fact are not. What defines a good night’s rest? Although variations exist, the National Sleep Foundation reports that the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night. With that said, only 56% of Americans report getting the amount of sleep they need, with 43% saying that they would feel better with more sleep. About 91% of Americans report waking up at some point during the night — in other words, they fail to get that vital undisturbed sleep. Ideally, a good night’s sleep would involve zero interruptions, with a certain amount of REM sleep — that is, deep sleep. The amount of sleep you get can seriously affect your outlook and the rest of your day.

How Poor Sleep Affects Your Day

Those who report getting less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to report unintentionally falling sleep at least one day a month. Of course, there is much more to worry about than simply embarrassing yourself when it comes to unintentionally falling asleep. People can fall asleep while operating vehicles; they can fall asleep while working, or operating heavy machinery. This can hurt not only the sleepy individual, but everyone around them. A bad night’s sleep, especially on a bad mattress, can also result in chronic stiffness and soreness. Sometimes, chronic pain can be the result of something as simple as a bad mattress. This is why it’s important to explore the types of adjustable beds that could help you if you’re experiencing poor sleep.

Different Types Of Adjustable Beds: How They Can Help You

You’ll find that there is a multitude of types of adjustable beds to choose from. All of them focus on different problems — for example, some types of adjustable beds are meant for those with orthopedic problems. Others may be less specialized, meant for people who simply want a more comfortable night’s sleep. There are adjustable beds that change the temperature of your mattress, for those of us who are simply too hot or too cold at night. One major advantage of adjustable beds is that they can change their incline or even their shape to accommodate the most specific of desires. Perhaps among the most popular adjustable beds are those meant to accommodate couples. Often, couples want to share a bed but at the same time find that their needs are very different. It can be extremely helpful for these people to share an adjustable bed. This way, they both get what they want without either one sacrificing comfort.

Don’t accept another bad night’s sleep — make the change as soon as possible.

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