How to Choose the Perfect Amish Furniture for Your Backyard Personality

Amish cupola

Many people believe that their furniture is a reflection of their personality. Some 67% of people agree that a lot can be said about a person based on their furniture. That goes not just for indoors but for outdoor furnishings, too.

So instead of trying to live up to your backyard, let it speak for you. We all know the quality and benefits of 100% handmade Amish furniture, but when it comes down to selecting structures for your yard, let your personality be your guide. Here are the best Amish buildings for every type of backyard personality.

The Socialite: A Gazebo
If you’re the type who always likes to have friends over for a gab fest and a bit (or box) of wine, then a gazebo with patio furniture should be your go-to choice. It gives you ample coverage for both hot days and cooler nights while still offering all the benefits of an outdoorsy space.

The Pensive: A Garden Shed
Gardening is a great way to think and commune with nature in the peace and privacy of your own backyard. Ask any gardener, though: it’s easy to get carried away, and you’ll want to have ready access to all of your tools. Amish furniture sheds can be custom crafted to house all your current tools, but make sure you budget an extra 25% space for future storage needs!

The Romantic: A Pergola
What is a pergola, you ask? It’s a sort of archway or covering, great for a little bit of shaded respite in a sunny yard. They also look fabulous covered with plants and trellises for a very European garden flair.

The Athlete: A Pool House
The pool house doesn’t have to just be for swimming accessories. This piece of Amish furniture can be used to store all sorts of year-round sports activity equipment, from soccer balls to skis.

Furniture is about more than tables and chairs: it’s how you use the space you’re given. Make the most out of your backyard with structures that let you live your best life according to your own brand of style and personality!

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