Installing the Right Playground Equipment

Physical exercise and play are essential for kids and dogs alike, and they need proper exertion so that they can build muscle, burn fat and keep weight down, and most of all, have fun while also boosting their brain’s power. Kids can play in their own back yards, but they can have more fun and interact with other kids their age when they visit a local park and play on the commercial playground there. All kinds of gear can be found there, from a commercial ballpit to basketball hoops to a bike rack for bicycles, and for pets dog agility equipment kits can be set up at a park or even bought privately so that pet dogs can have a good time and get exercise with them. How can this be done?


Kids and dogs do not always get the exercise they need today, and this can negatively impact their lives, from their body fat to mental stimulation levels to their mood and even their sleep quality. Often, electronic screens are to blame for kids’ sedentary ways today, and research by the Kaiser Family Foundation fo9und that kids aged 8-18 years old spend four and a half hours per day watching TV or using other screens, such as using mobile phones or computers and the Internet. Fewer than one in three kids meet the standards for being active to a healthy level, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, and this level is not even very high: just 25 minutes of high calorie-burning exertion three times per week. Parents often agree that this is an issue; while 83% of them agree that their kids should learn how to use technology, 90% prefer that their kids spend as much time as possible outdoors, getting exercise in their yards, playing sports such as on soccer fields, or going to the local park. Pets, too, are often sedentary and spend a lot of time indoors, and this leads to rates of being overweight among cats and dogs alike.

The Park

Exercise is not just fun for kids, but it also helps boost their mental abilities, and studies show that kids who do not get enough gross motor play during their formative years may suffer neurological consequences, something that no parent would want. For burning calories, boosting the mind, and providing fun, parents can take the option of bringing their kids and dogs to the local park, and basketball court, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, obstacle courses, and much more can help kids get fresh air and exert themselves while meeting other kids their age to socialize with. This also gives parents a chance to relax for a time, and there are plenty of benches where they can sit and supervise their kids’ play sessions.

Some parks might even have dog agility equipment kits in place, and this allows dog owners to take their pets to the park and give them exercise and training. And even if a park does not have such gear, a person can buy dog agility equipment kits to use in their own back yard to help their dogs get exercise. This could be helpful for burning calories and for therapy for a dog that is getting over injury or illness, and can be great fun for the dog.

Set up the Park

City managers can contact their parks and recreation departments to add new features to a park or remake a park that has been neglected, and this involves crews working on the park’s landscaping as well as adding play equipment for kids and dogs alike. Debris, trash, and other unwanted materials can be cleared away, and zones for kids’ playground equipment can be set up when the ground is cleared and flattened, and boards or bricks can form a perimeter for gravel, mulch, sand, and other materials for the park. New swing sets, slides, obstacle courses, and more can be installed, and a park can be made more attractive if a visual theme is set up, such as Wild West or cartoony astronauts or space aliens that kids may like. A contractor crew can also buy dog agility equipment kits for parks where people often bring their dogs.

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