Is my childs situation an emergency?

Having a sick child is never a fun part of life. Whether they get a virus passed around from other kids or another terrible illness that causes them to need medical attention it can stress out any parent. If you find your self in the middle of a medical emergency there are a few things you should consider before calling 911.

If you have a small infant and they happen to get a fever that is above 100 degrees it is best to seek medical advice just in case. Tiny baby bodies can’t take much as they are so fragile and have very little immunity when they first start there life. If your baby becomes lethargic, has shallow breathing, or looks bluish this is definitely a medical emergency. If your baby is quite coherent and able to breath and seems healthy other then the fever its best to take them in for a check up but not entirely an emergency.

If you have a younger child that has fallen ill and seems to be in a lot of pain in their abdominal region it may be worth a trip to the nearest childrens urgent care clinic. This could be a sign of appendicitis which is extremely serious and is a medical emergency. Usually the child will be in so much pain that cannot walk and constantly cry from the pain they are in. If your child seems to have a minor stomach ache that is not passing they may just be constipated. It might be worth your time to seek medical attention to relieve the pain but is not considered a medical emergency.

When a child of any age is suffering from breathing difficulties this can be a sign of many different things that have gone wrong and require treatment. If they have swallowed something this is quite severe and is a medical emergency. If they fell recently and have begun having breathing problems this could be a sign there is something wrong internally from a broken rib to a punctured lung. This is also a medical emergency and should be addressed right away. If your child has come down with a cold and seems to struggle with breathing they may have pneumonia and while it is important to seek medical attention it is not entirely a medical emergency.

Deciding which is an emergency and which is not can sometimes be a challenge but if you are ever unsure head to the nearest urgent care clinic and they will get you sorted. Only 3% of all patients that seek urgent care attention require a transfer to emergency care.

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