Keep it Clean and Keep it Green

Trusted house cleaning

Not everyone has the time to keep their house or office space spotless. And those who do often don’t have time for activities that they would rather be engaging in. It boils down to priorities, but if cleaning just doesn’t make it to the top of your list, what is to be done? It has been said that clutter can be an indication of creativity, but you likely don’t want your guests to see just how creative you can be! One solution is to seek out local maid services for trusted house cleaning. House cleaning services can solve everyone’s problems: freeing up time to unleash your creativity or for other fun activities, providing a job for those working in maid services, and resulting in a clean and welcome environment for guests.

Maid services at work and at home

While it certainly may not apply to everyone, for those individuals and families who typically take time every day can reclaim an astonishing 730 hours, or 30 whole days every year by bringing in a cleaning service to keep things tidy instead. That is a lot of extra time to do with what you please! And with almost 900,000 maids working in the United States, you are sure to find someone who is a welcome fit in your home and schedule. Think of how comfortable you feel at work, knowing that a professional comes in to ensure the cleanliness of the place. The probability of coming down with the common cold or influenza from germs at work is reduced by about 80% when your workplace is maintained at a high standard of clean. By bringing those professional cleaning standards into your home, you can look forward to a lot less sneezing and sick days.

Keeping clean and going green
While many of us struggle to transition to wholly green and eco-friendly lives, there are some things that people don’t immediately consider when attempting to go green. The way that our society has advanced in technology and industry has left a lot to be desired in the area of keeping our planet healthy. And there are some things that we just don’t think have developed in a green way yet. Cleaning requires chemicals to disinfect and sterilize, and those chemicals are often harmful to the earth. We do what we can to minimize the damage, but often see it as one of those necessary evils. However the science and technology are finally starting to catch up. Recently there has been a significant jump, as much as 35%, in the sales of green cleaning products. And it is a good thing because one third of the existing chemical cleaning products contain elements and ingredients that are known to cause problems in the environment or to human health. Is a clean house more important than our health or that of the planet that provides us with so much? Luckily we are making strides as a society to change the products we use. There are even cleaning products that are listed as 100% vegan, which means that there was no animal testing and there are no animal by-products involved.

Cleaning services can be a huge relief by freeing up precious time that we could be using on more important things. And the rise of green cleaning is a huge relief to the earth. Learn more.

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