Preparing Your Child for SAT Testing

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Students all over the nation know the value of preparing for the SAT. This standardized test could have a big factor in the educational future of your child. You don’t need to start calling to have your child enrolled in summer programs for SAT preparation. However, you might want to start getting them ready to start studying as early as possible. In this post, you will learn about the SAT, why it’s so important, and how a private school helps in test preparation.

A Brief Overview of the SAT

The SAT is a test that was first administered in 1926. This test was originally used for the Army to assess the IQ of all participants. The test would eventually be used by Harvard to test the intellect of applicants. It was around the 1940s that the SAT would become as widely administered as it is currently. This multiple choice test has been used for decades and looks to remain the national standard.

Benefits of Scoring Highly on the SAT Test

The main purpose of the SAT is to find out how ready your child is for college. Scoring highly on the SAT shows that your child is adequately prepared for higher education. The SAT measures your child’s readiness through the assessment of multiple skills including reading, writing, and more. Many colleges require successful completion of the SAT before an admission is considered.

Certain schools may require that a certain score is achieved on the SAT. Colleges want to have a school full of the brightest and best students. Scoring highly on the SAT could help ensure your child receives a shot at their dream college. Certain schools may list their minimum SAT score requirements. Ensure you go over these number with your child in order to ensure they know where to focus their studies on.

How a Private School Properly Prepares Your Child

There are over 30,000 private schools in the United States teaching nearly 5.3 students. Some of the best schools for SAT preparation is a private school. A recent study was done that compared SAT scores of students in public and independent schools. The data showed that independent students scored 541,579 and 550 on their reading, math, and writing tests, respectively. Public school students had lower SAT scores, reporting 497, 514, and 489 on reading, math, and writing tests. Here are three important benefits of private school education.

  • Specialized Coursework: Private schools will use coursework that has your child ready for the SAT. The purpose of a private school is to have your child prepared for higher education. Therefore, you can rest assured that your child receives a targeted learning plan to help them do well on the SAT. Having specialized SAT preparation coursework is one of the many benefits of private school education.
  • Dedicated Staff: One problem public school teachers face is low salary. Private school teachers earn fair wages which helps to ensure they are dedicated to the success of your child. Many parents choose private schools solely for the dedication level of the teachers. This dedication will be instilled in your child when its time to take the SAT test.
  • Smaller Classrooms: Having less crowded classrooms allows for a child to be less distracted. Teachers prefer smaller classrooms because it allows them to focus on each child versus teaching to a large group. Smaller classrooms are one of the major benefits of private school education.
  • In closing, the SAT test is something you will want your child to be properly prepared for. This test is administered nationwide and is used to assess the potential for college placement. In many cases, the best schools for SAT prep are private schools. Research shows that 64 percent of private high school graduates went on to attend college immediately after graduating. One of the major benefits of private school education is their emphasis on preparing for your child’s future. Private schools work hard to ensure your child is prepared for the SAT which helps ensure they are accepted into college.

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