Psychology and Interior Design Choosing the Right Colors

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There are many factors to consider when thinking about re-decorating your home. What?s trending right now? Does my flooring need to compliment my countertops? How many accent pieces should I have in one room? But one thing many people forget to consider is how the colors and styles they choose will impact people?s mood. Colors have a psychological effect on people, so it?s important to think carefully about the colors you choose. You should choose colors that will give your house the manner you want.

These are the tones that colors typically generate:

  • Red: passion
  • Orange: energy
  • Yellow: happiness
  • Green: soothing
  • Blue: calmness
  • Purple: luxury
  • Gray: relaxation
  • Brown: natural
  • Black: power
  • White: purity

It?s also important not to overwhelm your family or guests with too much color. If you have an entire room bright red or orange, it might have an overpowering impact. Instead, interior designers say you might want to consider having a red or orange accent wall with a neutral color on the other walls to have balance in the room. Interior designers also recommend trying to incorporate the ?rule of threes? when decorating. To make your home more eye-catching, try using odd numbers of objects or colors. So for example, you could do the flooring or walls one color, the furniture another, and then add a pop of color as an accent.

About 69% of people say that a happy home is somewhere they feel safe and secure. It?s important to decorate your home in a way that makes you, your family, and guests feel comfortable. If you?re going for a natural, homey feeling, then you might want to go with more neutral colors like browns and greens. You can change the feeling of a room simply by changing the colors within that room.

You also might want to consider the weather patterns where you live when thinking about picking colors for your home. If you live somewhere hot, you might want soothing, cool colors inside your home. If you live somewhere with colder weather or miserable winters, you might want to choose bright, warm colors to counteract the cold weather outside.

Whether it?s wall colors, furniture, or accent accessories like pillows or wall art, color matters. You can make your home look and feel however you want, you just have to choose the right colors to stimulate that feeling.

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