Redecorate Your Home’s Interior and Exterior Spaces With Amish Furniture

When people shop for furniture, they want to find pieces that reflect their lifestyle and personality. Whether they’re in the process of furnishing their very first home or a second home for a growing family, quality makes a difference. For those individuals that take their time to choose just the right furniture and decor for their home, they obviously want these items to last.

A consumer survey about this topic was conducted with 2,000 participants. The results showed that a large percentage of the respondents agreed with the following statements:

  • “The design of my furniture reflects my personality”: 72.7% agreed
  • “A lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns”: 67% agreed
  • I “expect furniture to last for many years”: 95.1% agreed
  • I “plan to keep wood furniture for at least 15 years”: 92.4% agreed

Many homeowners planning to furnish or refurnish their homes may be familiar with Amish furniture. In addition to being high-quality and created to last, it is 100% hand-crafted of the finest woods. While most Amish furniture is built out of cherry, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut, other woods can be used as well. Someone may want to order a custom-made chest of drawers out of cedar, for example.

Amish made outdoor furniture is also available for exterior living spaces. When homeowners have a large backyard and surrounding grounds, for instance, they may be interested to create several different seating and lounging areas for relaxing and entertaining. For homes with swimming pools, a pool house can be a nice addition. When it comes to creating a comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space, there are so many ideas available. Families with pets or farm animals, for instance, may be interested in Amish dog houses, chicken coops, and horse barns.

Another benefit of choosing to furnish a home or its outdoor grounds with Amish pieces is that these can be ordered online. It usually takes about eight weeks for each piece to be built. This applies to both new and custom pieces, such as wooden dining room tables and chairs, wooden cupboards, or outdoor structures such as pergolas and sheds. When you place an online order, it will tend to arrive within three to four months.

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