Say It with Flowers!

Flower delivery

It is a big weekend. You have, in fact been planning for it for months.
You are finally ready to pop the question, and ask your girlfriend of the last four years to marry you.
You know she probably expects it, but you are still nervous. Still anxious. You know what her answer will be, but you really want to hear it for yourself. Just before you stopped by to pick up her parents in preparation for the Big Ask, you decided to make one more purchase. You decided to hand her mom a small bunch of fresh flowers so you stopped by one of the flower shops that you have been visiting and calling for the rest of the plans. You decided that since flowers are such a big part of the whole plan for the day, you might as well get her mom and your mom bouquets as well.
Your parents are important to both you and your future bride so you decided to make them part of the event. The visits to the flower shops for roses and other kinds of fresh flowers have kept you busy and preoccupied. With all of the flowers purchased and the plans in place, however, there is no more excuse for being preoccupied. It is time to do this thing!
Can Local Florists Help Make Your Big Day Even Better?
The annual spending on floral products in America is $26 billion. Used for everything as small as a celebration of the birth of a new baby to the 60% of weddings that include a flower girl to the largest events like local Homecomings, flower shops offer original designs that help make brighter memories. And while 37% of flowers are purchased give someone else, you might be surprised to know that 63% of all flowers purchased are to be kept by the buyer.
With colors and styles as varied as the rainbow many buyers are happy with a quick selection, while others spent months selecting every detail.
When was the last time that you decided to brighten someone’s day with a fresh bouquet of flowers? From specialty floral arrangements to graduation flowers, the decision to make a floral purchase will help you make someone feel better and can even help you ask the big question.

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