Six Benefits To Building A Vinyl Fence

The U.S. fencing market is projected to reach $1.15 billion by 2024, according to a recent report by Grand View Research. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of character to your property or aiming to get some privacy, building a fence is a good way to accomplish either goal.

The American dream of the house and the picket fence has come to symbolize the ideal life in America. The two most popular materials for privacy fences are vinyl and wood and there are benefits to building with both materials.

Wood Fencing

If you’re thinking about building a wood fence, here are several benefits to doing so:

  • Cost: Building with wood is affordable as it is naturally occurring and abundant, allowing prices to stay down.
  • Durability: Ideally if you’re building a fence, you want it last for a long time and as such you need a durable material. Properly installed wood fencing can easily last for decades accounting for continued care and maintenance.
  • Adaptation: Building a wood fence means it can be adapted. You can choose from many varieties of wood to build a fence and it can be painted or stained whatever color you want it to be. If you’re wanting your fence to match other structures on your property, wood offers many avenues to make that happen.
  • Property values: Not only does a wood fence look great on your property, but it can potentially increase the value of your property too. As mentioned previously, many Americans love the idea of a home with a picket fence and if you have one already installed, it can increase property value when or if you ever want to sell it.
    • Vinyl Fencing

      There are many benefits of building a wood fence, but vinyl offers many benefits as a fencing materials as well. If you’re looking at building a vinyl fence, here are six benefits to building with vinyl:

      • Low Maintenance: Building a vinyl fence means there’s hardly any maintenance after it’s been put in place. The color never fades, there are no issues with rust and pests aren’t a problem. The only thing required is an occasional washing with soap and water.
      • Eco-friendly: Vinyl isn’t treated with harmful chemicals, which makes it a great building material. Another benefit is that vinyl is recyclable, so when you no longer need it, it doesn’t have to be thrown away.
      • Cost: Compared to materials like wood and iron, vinyl is very cost-efficient. That means if you choose to go about building a vinyl fence you save money in the long run. You don’t have to worry about paints or primers like you do with a wood fence, which means less upkeep to worry about and less you have to spend money on.
      • Weather Protection: Vinyl is much stronger than wood (about five times as much), so if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, it’s the perfect choice for building a fence. Vinyl’s strength means it hangs tough against strong wind gusts and rain storms. If you live near the ocean, vinyl won’t be corroded by salt water.
      • Installation: Building a vinyl fence means easy installation. Easy installation means you won’t have to hire a contractor and vinyl fence parts such as posts and vinyl fence rails are designed to go up quickly. Once the posts are set up, the railing slides in easily. As easily as it goes up, vinyl fencing can be disassembled quickly too.
      • Appearance: Building a vinyl fence means you have color options. Just because you’re not worrying about primers and paints, doesn’t mean you can’t have color. In fact, vinyl can be easily matched to the color of your home or whatever color you might be looking for.

      Whether you’re looking to install a tension wire fence, a rolling gate, a commercial chain link fence, a wood fence or a vinyl fence, there are plenty of benefits to each style. Consider the weather in the area where it will be installed, the quickness with which you want it installed, what sort of material you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Considering all these factors will make the process much easier and ensure you ultimately get the fence you’re looking for.

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