Small Changes Inside the Home Can Have a Big Impact, Decorate Creatively

Projects to do at home

There are few things worse than coming home and not enjoying the space you live in because it is boring, or poorly decorated. Thankfully, there are plenty of projects to do at home to spice up an interior, and they do not require hiring professional decorators. Creative room ideas can be as complex as a complete repainting of a bedroom, or as simple as making some new crafts at home. Here are three creative craft ideas to get you inspired.

1. Hang some homemade art.

One of the most affordable DIY crafts for home redecorating is to create your own wall art. Doing so can be as simple as buying a canvas at your local craft store, taping random strips and lengths of painters tape all over it, and then finger painting in a limited palette of acrylic paints to create beautiful and unique abstract art. Peel off the tape and you have a piece of wall art that is all your own!

2. Take over a wall completely.

Mounting and hanging a lush fabric curtain on a wall can be an incredibly bold accent for a room, and liven up any living space. You could also mount a series of shelves, a set of antique frames, or use a wall and some hangers to display any kind of collection. If your son collects sports baseball caps then display them aesthetically on a wall so that they double as an accent piece. The same can be done with purses or scarves. Think outside the picture frame.

3. Go crazy.

Why not put wallpaper on the ceiling? Or make an old barn door into a coffee table? Maybe one of the smaller walls in your living room could be transformed as a massive chalkboard with chalkboard paint. It is your home, so do what you want!

Whatever creative room ideas you are inspired by, remember that the internet is an incredible resource for finding ideas for projects, and creative decorating ideas. Tutorials, DIY videos, and thousands of pictures are sure to get you inspired and thinking about what small changes you can make in your home to have a big impact.

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