The Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service From Same-Day Appointments to Scheduling Spring Cleaning

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When was the last time your house or apartment received a thorough cleaning? If you have carpet throughout your home, has it been cleaned recently? And how long have you slept beneath the same set of sheets? Since there’s a good chance you’ve been too busy with work and social obligations to stay on top of your household chores, have you considered the benefits of hiring a maid?

A recent survey showed that 84% of people in the United States believe that clean carpets are integral to having a clean home. The Environmental Protection Agency agrees with this. Nevertheless, they indicate that just 55% of homeowners clean their carpets every six months or more often. Given this recommendation from the Environmental Protection Agency, it may not come as a surprise that 22% of Americans believe that their toilet seat is less dirty than their carpet.

Many houses and apartments have mold build-up in their bathrooms, particularly in the shower. One way to prevent this is to crack open a window or turn on the bathroom fan for a minimum of ten minutes after bathing. This can also assist with mold building up outside the shower or tub stall, such as on the sink and walls.

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning their refrigerators. When they receive a good scrub every two to three weeks, this will usually be enough. It’s also important to wipe counters down on a regular basis and to frequently purchase new sponges so bacteria doesn’t collect on them.

When it comes to changing bedding such as sheets, the average American does so about every two weeks. Since people usually sleep better on clean, fresh sheets, washing and changing them more often might make a significant difference in this regard.

It’s been demonstrated that there are over 150 toxic substances, that float around the air in an average home. Many of these cancer-causing substances are usually contained in traditional cleaning products. In order to reduce and potentially eliminate the presence of these toxins, households should change to organic or 100% vegan products. These products are not tested on animals and they also don’t contain any animal by-products. Given this, they are a much healthier choice for keeping a home clean.

There are a variety of other benefits of hiring a maid, of course. If you’re in the process of moving, you can have a maid service provide a thorough apartment cleaning after you move out. You can also have a dependable maid service give your new house or apartment a good once-over. When you just don’t have enough time to engage in even a bit of cleaning, other benefits of hiring an experienced maid service include making sure the carpets and other areas of your home are as clean as they can be.

It’s important to note that you can also obtain same-day maid services. This can make a significant difference if you have unexpected company coming over or you just haven’t been able to cross “clean the house” off of your to-do list. When you contact a local maid service, you’ll be able to learn even more benefits of hiring a maid. And yes, they may even change the sheets on your bed.

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