The Future of American Weddings is Casual Experts Say That Backyard Weddings Are On The Rise

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As American wedding planners reach new heights of creativity, couples have more options to explore than ever before. The percentage of American couples planning destination weddings continues to increase, but a significant number of couples is happier to host their wedding a little bit closer to home. Social media experts report a sharp increase in interest in backyard weddings, and party planners are working with couples across the country — in all kinds of weather — to create memorable outdoor weddings with original design elements.
Perhaps the most important decision that a wedding planner can help a couple make is whether to keep their wedding casual or to go for a more formal look and feel. Wedding guests love to dress up, but an outdoor wedding does pose special problems for some guests. Bridesmaids and party guests who wear high-heeled shoes may find themselves sinking into the grass at an outdoor wedding reception, and finding the proper party equipment rentals can help couples make sure that their wedding parties are standing on solid ground.
Once couples decide upon the time, date, and location of their nuptials, they can start choosing their invitations. Wondering whether to send out wedding invitations via email? Experts actually recommend skipping the e-vites in favor of custom printed invitations. Wedding guests often save printed invitations as souvenirs, and couples still have the option of making a website for guests to enjoy before their ceremony occurs. Guests who receive printed invitations may be more likely to RSVP if they can do so online, and couples should make sure to send a small reminder — either via email or through regular mail — about one month before their wedding date.
While planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task for even the most organized couples, maintaining great communication with wedding planners does help to ease pre-ceremony jitters. In the event of an outdoor wedding and reception, couples should make sure that flower arrangements are periodically misted so that guests do not sit down to wilted centerpieces after the ceremony. Finding the best company for wedding party equipment rentals is also vital: typically, companies offer couples a wide range of options for chairs, tables, linens, and even tents.
So what are the essential components of any outdoor wedding? Party equipment rentals should include tables and extra chairs. Older guests may want to sit down after dancing at your wedding reception, and strategic chair placement is key. Backyard party rentals can offer chair and table covers to match your wedding’s color theme, and couples who want more visual excitement can also choose to “mix and match” table linens for a more colorful theme. The sky is the limit when it comes to backyard weddings, and couples should exercise their creativity as much as they want.
Couples who are in the process of planning a backyard wedding should also make sure that they provide sunscreen and bug repellent for guests to use, along with either individual fans or a larger-scale cooling solution. In any outdoor wedding scenario, couples who are able to plan for guests’ comfort should find themselves successful. Planning a summer wedding? Have water on hand for family and friends to stay hydrated. Looking to dance the night away? Party equipment rentals can offer a wide variety of tent options to couples: sailcloth tents are trending around the country because they are both functional and beautiful, offering elegant photo opportunities for wedding couples and their guests.
Dance floor rental is also an important wedding detail that should not be overlooked, and some couples are even opting for LED lighting to illuminate nighttime wedding festivities. Any wedding has hundreds of details to keep track of, and the overall feel of a backyard wedding should be festive and relaxed. Creative wedding planners across America are more than happy to help their clients’ wishes come true.

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