The Importance of Water Proofing Your Basement

Basement waterproofing solutions

Basements provide many advantages to a home. In fact, many home buyers look for homes that specifically have basements. They provide a great space for storage. They offer additional living and entertaining space that is often not included in the home?s marketed square footage. They also provide safety in times of severe weather. Basements are often the safest part of the home. However, basements also come with the risk of flooding and with water damage. They are generally moist parts of the home that may need to be monitored. When flooding occurs, it goes to the lowest level of the home, the basement. Water proofing basements can protect your investment and ensure that water damage does not occur to your basement living area.

Basement floods can come from a variety of sources. Excessive rain or snow that melts can cause damage, especially if there is not a water draining system that works efficiently. Many basements hold appliances, like the washer, dryer and water heater. Problems with these appliances can lead to flooded basements. Additionally, homeowners with basements may find cracks or leaks in the foundation of their basement. The basement is often the first part of the home to have cracks, as it is the bottom most part of the home and it holds the most weight of the house. Cracks and leaks should be repaired immediately, to prevent flooding or water damage from occurring.

If your foundation has cracks wider than one fourth of an inch wide, or if you have stair step cracks in blocks or bricks, you should take measures to fix it. It may even be a good idea to have a professional company repair the cracks. If they are not repaired correctly, it can lead to further cracking and flooding of the basement. Basement crack repair is crucial in preventing flooding from occurring. Basement cracks and leaks are one of the most common ways for flooding to occur in the basement. Basement water leaks from the appliances and from piping should also be regularly checked and maintained.

Floods are one of the most common household emergencies to occur. According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), floods are the number one disaster in America, averaging over $3 billion in claims per year. Water proofing basements can be an important step in preventing costly water damage to the basement. Although the flooding may still occur in a home with basement waterproofing, the home is less likely to have permanent water damage. Permanent water damage might include mold. Mold often grows as quickly as 24 to 48 hours after the water damage occurs, making proper basement flood cleanup something that should be completed as soon as possible. Clean up and dry out your home thoroughly and quickly (within 24 to 48 hours) after flooding to prevent mold growth. A basement waterproofing company is a great resource to ensure that your water proofing basements are done properly and professionally. You do not want to find out after a flood occurs that your basement waterproofing did not work properly.

Having a home with a basement can offer you many benefits. You will have additional storage, additional entertaining space and a safe and secure place for increment weather conditions. However, basements need preventative maintenance to prevent flooding and water damage. Extreme water damage comes in the form of mold and mold removal can get very expensive and timely. Any basement cracks or leaks should be immediately repaired by a professional to prevent basement flooding. Basement water proofing should be completed to prevent any excessive water damage, should a flood occur. Water proofing basements can really save you a lot of money and stress. Floods are one of the most common types of home emergencies, but with the appropriate amount of preparation, they can be a great addition to a home.

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