The Latest Wedding Trends of 2014!

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Despite every year’s changing wedding planning trends, some traditions have lasted through the centuries. The inclusion of the white dress into Western weddings first began in 1840 with Queen Victoria. Before that, people simply wore their best dresses. The modern bridal veil emerged out of ancient Greek and Roman times, as they thought it would shield a bride from evil spirits. Even the term “to tie the knot,” stems from ancient times as part of a Babylonian custom. They used to tie threads from the bride and groom’s clothes together to symbolize their union, and this tradition is still in use in some parts of India.

Most of these traditions continue to have a place in today’s weddings in one form or another, and are used by brides of all ages. New York City typically has the oldest brides, at around 32 years old, and on average, Texas has the youngest, at 24. Regardless of age, the right wedding dress, veil, wedding venue, and wedding reception are all an important part of how to plan a perfect wedding. And the latest trends show that in 2014, weddings are returning to the classic elegance of earlier times. Recent wedding decoration ideas have included natural colors, such as nudes and peaches, crystal glasses with gold trims, and candles. Metallics on wedding cakes are also popular, and people are using gold and silver to decorate their linens.

Couples can also try to find a sophisticated outdoor setting as they look for places to have a wedding reception. The classic look that a white tent with matching linens, and a hint of color, can be just the right touch. They can work with a wedding planner to work out wedding reception ideas and all the details regarding guests and decor, and how to plan a perfect wedding reception. In this case, planning a spring wedding or one in the summer might be the best way to go. A tent will be able to protect guests from possible rain, a weather condition that is considered good luck on a wedding day in the Hindu tradition.

Planning a reception is often a more lengthy, detailed process than the wedding itself. Most wedding ceremonies last less than an hour, but guests linger at a wedding reception for hours. The decorations, food, drinks, music, centerpieces, and tableware must be perfect for your guests to enjoy themselves and celebrate your marriage. Your wedding day is definitely about you and your fiancee, but factoring in your guests’ experience is an important part of how to plan a perfect wedding. So, give them an event they will never forget. Helpful sites.

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