Three Benefits Of Private School Education For Your Student Athlete

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Choosing a school for your child is never an easy thing to do especially if your child is an athlete. There are multiple things to think about when considering a school: the types of sports programs available to your child, the importance of athletics in the eyes of the school, the amount of academic involvement from teachers, etc. If you?re on the fence with your child?s athletic future, consider these benefits of private school education:

One-on-one teaching

86% of private schools have a student body fewer than 300 whereas public schools have an average of 700. A smaller school population gives your child the benefit of individualized teaching because they won?t be just another face in a crowd. Private school educators are also able to identify the academic problems your child may be facing and help them directly as they?re not being forced to teach in relation to state tests as a means of increasing scores and thus increasing school funding. If your child doesn?t understand a subject, the teacher is able to take the time to help them rather than waiting until it?s too late. Because of this, 80% of parents who enroll their children in private school are happy with the academic standards.

Athletic options

Another one of the benefits of private school education is athletic options. While public schools may only offer popular sports such as football, soccer, and lacrosse, private schools offer popular sports as well as squash, golf, rowing, and tennis. The variety in physical activity allows your child to find a sport they may excel in and enjoy, which in turn reduces the risk of childhood obesity and future heart disease. Public school athletics limit your child?s athletic ability and may lower their confidence if they believe they are not good at a sport when they may simply not be good at the sports available to them.

Attention to athletics

The benefits of private school education lie, mostly, in the budget. Public schools are only given so much money from the state and are only able to spend that money in a particular area. Private schools are able to budget their money any way they see fit, which means a higher athletic budget. A private high school is more likely to be athletically skilled than a public high school not because the student athletes are necessarily better, but because private school budgeting allows them more time to practice.

Athletics in private schools is also required in comparison to public schools. While gym classes at public schools are often only one to two hours per week, private schools require an entire afternoon be given to an athletic activity of their choice. According to Private School Review, athletics ?are not ?optional.? All students participate in some kind of athletic activity every week school is in session. Most private schools set aside a weekday afternoon ? There are no classes. Everybody is involved in some athletic activity somewhere on campus.?

In requiring a larger amount of physical activity in an activity of the student?s choice, private schools not only ensure the athletic health of their students but also ensure their enjoyment in comparison to public school gym classes in which many students don?t participate because of lack of interest.

When choosing a school for your student athlete, consider these benefits of private school education to assist your child throughout their life physically, socially, and academically.

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