4 Reasons You Should Visit Urgent Care Facilities

Mckinney urgent careWhen it comes to choosing a doctor or urgent care, many times it is better to choose urgent care. This sentiment is true especially when it comes to obtaining health care in a big city, like urgent care in Issaquah.

There are various reasons why urgent care is becoming more important in many cases than going to doctor offices. This article shows how important urgent care is besides the obvious reason. And thus, the medical industry is evolving more to meet the needs of the patients much better.

With this change, you won’t have to wonder whether you should get a doctor or urgent care. It will be like a merge of a doctor’s office, a hospital, and an emergency department. Furthermore, with a doctor’s hospital emergency department, you can rest assured that practically any health concern can be met. You won’t even have the following questions:

-Does urgent care do broken bones?
-Does urgent care take emergency medical?
-Does urgent care take emergencies?

The answer will be yes. So, whether you want/need urgent care in Issaquah or another big city, you and your loved ones are covered.


Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether or not you should go to the emergency room, an urgent care facility, or the emergency room for an illness or injury. They all have a long list of pros and cons when trying to decide which to choose. With a doctor’s office, you usually need to make an appointment beforehand and probably will not get in very soon. An urgent care facility may not be able to handle your case, and the emergency room may cost too much. What if you did not have to decide, though? Nowadays, there are family medicine and occupational health services clinics that offer urgent care and emergency rooms.

Everyone wants to make sure they are getting the most out of their visits to a different doctor?s offices and urgent care offices. When it comes to your time, your money, and your well-being, you do not want to waste any of it sitting at the wrong office. Keep reading to learn four reasons why visiting an urgent care facility that also has emergency services may be the answer to finding the best option.

1. Shorter wait times

When you make an appointment at your doctor’s office, you usually cannot get in right away. On top of that, you probably have a wait time that may or may not be longer than expected. The same can be said for emergency room visits. You never really know when you will get your chance to be seen by a doctor. At a family medicine and occupational health services clinic, you will likely be able to see a physician much quicker.

Statistics show that the wait time is usually less than 15 minutes at urgent care centers. Overall, this is the wait time expected at around 60 percent of urgent care facilities. One thing that helps make this possible is the number of exam rooms that exist at urgent care centers. On average, there are seven different exam rooms where patients can be treated.

Doctors can assess the injury or illness in a timely manner, too. According to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine, the average number of patients a physician sees is 4.5 per hour.

2. Seen by a qualified physician

At urgent care facilities and emergency rooms, you will likely be seen by a physician. Sometimes the stereotype may be that you see nurses or mid-level providers at these types of facilities. That is not a true statement, though. In fact, the number of physicians who practice urgent care is continuously growing. Currently, there are over 20,000 who practice making it a fast-growing medical field.

With the rise in need for primary care physicians over the next couple of decades in the United States, we will likely see this number continue to increase each year. By 2025, there will need to be 52,000 more to keep up with healthcare demands.

3. Spend less money

If you choose to visit an urgent care facility rather than heading straight to the emergency room, you will likely save some money by making this decision. Clinics that offer family medicine and occupational health services can cut costs on your bill instead of adding astronomical charges. For instance, you may pay $226 at walk-in urgent care where you may spend closer to $2,039 at a hospital emergency room.

4. Open for longer, better hours

Urgent care facilities and emergency rooms do not shut their doors to you after hours, on weekends, or holidays. You cannot predict when you will get sick or injured, so it is important to know where you can go when your doctor’s office is closed. 97 percent of urgent care centers are open all seven days of the week. On top of that, plenty of them is also open after hours so that you can still get treated without having the high costs of an emergency room visit.

Have you ever visited an urgent care facility for family medicine and occupational health services instead of your doctor’s office? Let us know how your experience was at the clinic.

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