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Crafts at home

Make your home a reflection of yourself (and save money in the process)!

There are countless creative craft ideas to decorate your home with your personality and exact tastes. No matter what your unique lifestyle is, there are many projects to do at home which will take care of stuff you have had laying around the house forever and hoped to get rid of, make for a fun way to recycle, and provide a fun family activity, all while giving you and your family a means of self expression.

These are some of my favorite personal creative craft ideas. Not all of them are of original thoughts. Some of these ideas for the home were passed down to me from my mother, some from friends, and some from strangers on the internet. Either way, I have decided to pay it forward.

1. I have a two year old daughter, and she absolutely loves to paint. I love that she enjoys painting so much, but I do not love the mess which usually accompanies her masterpieces. When I expressed this to my mom, she told me to put paint in Elmers glue bottles. At first I was skeptical, but her creative craft ideas are usually brilliant, so I gave it a shot. I was blown away by how much fun my daughter had, as well as how low maintenance the project was.

2. The next suggestion on my list of creative craft ideas may be generation specific. If you are at all like me, however, you have tons of old vinyl records collecting dust, and creative recycling ideas are my preferred source to consult before making crafts at home. All you need is some sort of rod that is thin enough to fit inside of the centered holes of two or three records, and you have a funky, vintage inspired cupcake holder!

3. I have found that the best creative craft ideas are the simplest. I was recently clicking through Pinterest when I found one of the most creative craft ideas I have encountered. It is the perfect way to put all of those old VHS tape containers to good use. First, remove the paper bearing the title of the film from the plastic jacket of the case, then drill two holes in the backside of the case. Next, pick out one of your favorite pictures and place it inside plastic jacket on the front of the case (where the title used to be). Finally, screw your new picture frame horizontally into the wall, and you have an awesome frame. And since the case will still open, it has a secret compartment to hold even more memories.

I hope this list helps! Feel free to comment with any questions, or share your favorite creative craft ideas!

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