Urgent Care Clinics A Useful Tool for Many in Society

Coppell emergency care center

You’re like many other Americans who reach for their phone when a loved one is not feeling good so that you can get urgent care for them in their time of need. You get on the phone and look up “24 hour emergency clinic near me” and find out more about emergency care services that practice family medicine because your child has been spiking a fever for quite some time, or because of sore throats and stomach pain. The truth is, every year urgent care facilities are helping many people achieve the services they deserve when loved ones fall ill or medical care is top priority. Maybe the lines at the doctor’s are taking too long, or you need a shot that you forgot at your last appointment so that you can maintain employment. For whatever services you need, an urgent care center is there for you.

When Emergency Care is Top Priority

Emergencies happen all the time. We fall and break legs and arms, we receive fevers that just never seem to go away, or think that something is wrong with our stomach or appendix and aren’t sure where to turn. About 110 million emergency room visits are made every year in America, where these services are extremely necessary when waiting times at doctor’s offices seem to never end. Urgent care is changing the way we see emergency centers. Americans rely heavily on 24-hour access to care, because AD visits have increased 22% over the past decade. Nearly every urgent care center in America operates 24-hours a week. In fact, 97% do, and the rest have exact closing hours every day of the week. This means that, in most cases, you can even receive care in the middle of the night.

The wait time at your doctor’s office might completely turn you off from the idea of seeing them for fast care. About 60% of urgent care centers have a wait time of less than 15 minutes. 65% have real physicians on-site every hour they are open. With care that is made completely for you and your needs, you won’t go without in your time of need, especially when your family depends on it.

So when you’re researching “24 hour emergency clinic near me,” next time, know you’re making a good decision that will benefit your family in their time of need.

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