Organized Craft Rooms Are More Productive Spaces

Craft room storage solutions

The chairs came unassembled and only required about fifteen minutes each to assemble. You took your time shopping and made excellent purchases. You also decided to save yourself the delivery expense, so the boxed chairs initially seemed like a great decision. The fact that your sofa is leather and the chairs feel close to the same means that you thought these would be great additions.
At the time that you made the purchase you thought that the sleek, modern black leather look Parsons Chairs for your dining room were a perfect fit. Unfortunately, you made the mistake of purchasing eight and did not realize until later that you really only have room for four. You love the look of these pieces, but it is simply too crowded when you have all eight chairs in the space. To improve the look of the room, you have added a bench seat to one side of the table. The chairs are a nice height for a table, not a counter, and you are trying to decide if you can use the other chairs elsewhere in your home.

Whether you are looking at the best craft room designs or furniture for your kitchen, it is important that you take space into consideration. A stackable 9 cube organizer that is three inches taller than the space, for instance, will not serve its purpose. Likewise, white modular storage cubes that fall two inches short of an opening can create an empty space that will attract dust and other items difficult to clean.

The best craft room designs are the result of careful planning, which includes meticulous measuring and a commitment to doing things right the first time. We have all probably fallen victim to making a purchase just because it was a good price. We have purchased eight, not four, kitchen chairs because the deal was too good to pass up. We have collected a hodgepodge of baskets and cubes that fall short of meeting our original goal only because these items were priced to sell.
Are You Getting Ready to Organize Your Craft Space?
Craft furniture ideas and craft organization systems will not really serve their purpose if you do not remember to pay careful attention to the space that you have. With a detailed sketch, including exact measurements of the spaces you are working with, shoppers can make more informed decisions when it comes to making purchases for their sewing, scrapbooking, and other craft spaces.
Given that the average American home has as many as 300,000 items it should come as no surprise that we are a nation obsessed with trying to get organized. Today’s crafters are younger than the population in general. In fact, nearly 35% of them are between the ages of 18 and 34; 37% are between the ages of 35 and 54, and only 28% are over the age of 55. As a younger generation prepares their spaces for the crafts that they love it only makes sense that there are an increasing number of options for creating the best craft room designs.

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